Mage Tower Feral Appearances

I’ve got blue, green and red. I’ll never get pink because I can’t do a mythic 15+. Comon blizz let me have pink or trade in green and red for it lol. Think they will ever give it to me? :slight_smile:

I want the purple one. Same for the blue and white kitty from the balance of power questline. But the RBG community is super niche now. :frowning: One day!

Pug a yolo, eventually you will get it…its only 10 wins. Swap over to Tank Spec and you will get easy invites.

Okay ill try :slight_smile:

I just want any of them…

I’ll run you through a M +15.

Message me ingame.

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Oh man can I join in on this? I’m wanting my purple BoP kitty skin (it’s my favorite!) but I’m just a PvP Andy right now.

All you need is an hour or two queing up & you can get it done.

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You have pvp gear, so real quick make the lego Sleeper. Then que yolo’s as a tank and run the flag, or sit at a base. It shouldn’t take long everyone is always looking for a tank.

I need a M+15, not rated BGs, to obtain the skin.

Yeah i just gotta get off my lazy butt and put some effort in. Blargh

Unless they Changed it?
Purple is winning 10 RBGs.
Red for Dungeons
Green for killing Heroic KJ

You might be thinking Mage Tower? I’m talking about the Balance of Power skins, which I think the name of them is Primal Stalker.