Mage Tower Availability Extended and Tuning Adjustments

OMG. Thank you SO MUCH. It’s not exactly what I was wanting (until 9.2), but this at least gives me a glimmer of hope that I can enjoy BOTH Endwalker AND Legion Timewalking. THANK YOU.


This is undeniably good news but to be perfectly honest probably not going to be enough if you truly wish to make the challenges tenable for a large percentage of the playerbase.

The bottom line is that, while most people can master the mechanics given enough time, not everyone has the muscle memory or simply the ability to not only handle the mechanics and stay alive but also do enough damage to clear the tight DPS check on top of that. If even a single piece was toned down then it would be a different story.

As is it, unless you do across-the-board nerfs to boss HP the vast majority of players will simply not be able to complete the challenges but that seems to be intentional on your part because it’s become very clear over the past few days that this entire event is geared towards top/professional players and isn’t tuned for more casual ones.

That’s not to say that keeping it challenging can’t be the right course of action and that’s your prerogative since it’s your game but the whole thing is rather odd because Timewalking has never been billed as top end, cutting edge content and frankly neither was the original Mage Tower because it could be outgeared but there you have it. Just the latest disconnect from what devs think players want. I guess that’s what happens when you put a self proclaimed “elitist jerk” at the helm.

TLDR: A step in the right direction but probably not going to be enough if the goal is to make the challenges attainable for most players.


im not even trying for the tower right now i just cant understand why you are so upset that they are nerfing things so that more people can have them. should get off your high horse

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Nice, sounds good

Im all for more people having them – im totally against the way that the forums exploded in ridiculous complaining on a based level and that blizzard caved into it because their business is also imploding and they cant take any more losses.

Im upset by the way that people used every possible passive aggressive manipulative argument to try to get them to nerf the mage tower, and it happened.

People should have just waited a week and they would have done a tuning pass, instead they devolved into an even worse cesspool of nausea even by GD’s standards

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I don’t know if that’s the intent. Blizz has a target for success rates they didn’t say if it’s how many attempts for success or how many players that try it achieve success at all. It could very well be that they don’t expect more than X% to beat it per cycle.

We all know already you are weird, but you got a point, having things like Relics of the Past is useless in the games current state, they need to find a use for these kind of things.

they didnt nerf things because their company is in trouble
they looked at kills over the first few days

What About Us Warlocks And The Twins Lmao. We legit get hit for 1.8k every 2s when our hp is slightly over 7k and our healing is minimal with drain life even with ID and SL talented.

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Can you clarify what this means?


nah dude there have been plenty of guardian druids and resto shamans and assassination rogues that have the transmogs… people have been getting the kills.

they caved to the nasty GD complaining

If their business is imploding because they are making content too difficult, maybe they are catering to the wrong audience then. Blizz drove tons of casuals away, and lured them back with what many thought would be a redo of the 7.3 mage tower. No one expected a tower harder than the first iteration. It was a bait and switch and players are mad, rightfully so.


Aren’t these still allowed?

Where’s the signup for the welfare mog?

Really glad for the extension, but this is seriously the worst time of the year for this. People are extremely busy with the holidays and school. Aside from that, the Mage Tower should just be open all of the time. Just challenging single player content that people can dive into on different classes when the have the time or inclination to just try a different spec out. Having it time limited really takes the fun out and makes most people try to rush or feel bad they didnt complete it on certain specs

They’re nerfing gems as well as trinkets that violate the spirit of the encounters.

You can now interrupt the horrors with Typhoon

Even better is legion gear is actually higher level than we can use.

The Nethershard vendor right outside MT sells Dauntless Gear tokens which were there when MT first Dropped. They can auto upgrade into Warforged versions which are ilvl 60 and then get squashed when you go into the tower.

They are squashing gear to BELLOW what people likely would have been using when MT was first introduced.

if you don’t beleive me, here’s the proof for ya

No nerf to Twin’s Raest and Karam counter? Literally unbeatable.


A lot of people are buying old crafted PvP gear with sockets. Others have previously farmed gear in old raids, which of course would be soulbound.

Sockets on all gear possible + gems + enchants on all gear possible seems to be the formula.