Mage Tower: A Compromise

It’s a total boast. Any respectable player wouldn’t be bragging when 99.99% of the community is struggling

Yes wait until next Tuesday for tuning and if they are feeling generous then give an extra week for MT. It lets us work on the other specs we haven’t completed yet on our class or for the mount reward to see how we fare atm. I wanna try frost mage challenge before it possibly gets tweaked.

Xylem was fair on Havoc dh; hardest part was frost phase, but p2 and arcane were super manageable. It was also FREE on arms war (easier than fury significantly). You just have to do a normal pve rotaiton and use the free healing.

Even Dratnos says it was overtuned and he took a few hours to get it.

Again, it’s either trolling or tooting your own horn at this point.

“I didn’t use cheese”, so Crusader+unbridled fury hard carried you uh ?

Crusader? Nope. and consumables aren’t cheese, what? Lol

Unbridled Fury at 3k a use is cheese. Let’s be honest.

And don’t be shy to admit you used Crusader.

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I agree that the tower is overtuned but not everyone is wasting their time farming out old stuff. I’ve done it on two specs with just my shadowlands gear.

I’d rather them just let the legendaries work and things like Covenants, even, work n stuff like that that worked during the first MT in Legion.

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How about they just make it permanent so folks can beat their heads against it in a timely manner?

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In no way are consumables a cheese, and you can farm them yourself and get aa stack in 10 minutes LMAO.

I literally dont evven have gear that can use old enchants. Not sure why you’re so delusional. If you need help or think its too hard, please post a video and I’d be happy to help! :slight_smile:

Bragging rights are exactly that…to boast and brag. Doing what most other cannot gives a person bragging rights. I don’t think that’s a crime.

It’s permanently on a continuous loop every 18 weeks…does that count? :stuck_out_tongue:

“I bought 100k worth of pots and war-scroll, but that’s not cheese I swear”.

You’re not even being honest with yourself my guy. Just trying to low key inflate your ego.


Nasrajin is a troll, just ignore him.

He must be a try hard that’s never used stat food or potions or flasks in any of his game play. Probably why it’s a bit harder for him than others, he doesn’t have anyone to pick up his slack.


But on a serious note…since when did stat boosting in any form become cheese? Using drums if you’re not a Lust class is probably cheesing too right?

They only have value if you don’t lie about how you achieved it. Admitting you used Crusader on your weapon and OP trinkets and some expensive pots that do a lot more damage than standard SL pots goes a long way into getting people to actually view your achievement as an achievement, and not just you being a snake oil salesman trying to prop themselves up.

You did 0. I did 2. It’s easier for me than you.

Not all talented ppl brag. Personally, I do not like to be around ppl who brag. I sometimes get a little much with a few things and pull the reigns back on myself.

I really hope this is not nerfed anytime soon (Guardian) MT. I want to do it before it inevitably is for personal reasons and I doubt I even use the skin much when I do get it bc I love the white so much better.

I’m hoping some more gud bears have more time this weekend to devote to it. I am happy for the ppl who have done it so far - but, I wish some ppl realized (who seem to not) to know that some ppl cannot dedicate many hours into it bc of irl responsibilites.

The ppl being salty and going at each other. Do ya’ll enjoy it? Truly. Ppl need to chill.

Even if he did use such things, he did it on his own with his own game play - there’s nothing stopping you from doing the same thing. It’s not cheating when you use the tools the game provides to your own advantage.

It’s not cheating when you use twink gear in low level BGs either. Everyone can do it. Just a matter of wanting to or not.

I’m not the one denying this though.

I don’t play Guardian any more…I just like the werebear look, only reason I’m going for it honestly, and I’ve gotten close with the unnerfed version and want to keep it that way as well (for personal reasons like yourself)

After Nas got his and posted his, I’ve seen about 5-6 others who’ve gotten it. I’ve seen a few in game strutting around in front of the mage tower itself as well. It’s getting done. But I’m going to say that’s because they’re in game and working at it rather than ranting on the forums.


Does this nonsense of a shaming tactic ever actually work? What garbage is this being spouted.

Who cares what was used. You literally could do the same stupid nonsense, even moreso if it’s enchants that any strength user could use and if you could use it and don’t then you haven’t a leg to stand on to complain about it.

Again, using what you can to do something is not cheesing it. If that’s the case then using your Anti-Magic Shell to not take magic damage would be cheesing, correct?


That was my own personal rant - not for you. Js - some ppl have kids and irl responsibilities and do not have hours and hours daily that others do to sit down and do this. I can agree we all could progress more staying off of the forums xD

How am I a troll? I’m literally doing these in real time in shadowlands gear. It’s 100% doable, just pay attention to what you lose to and dont make the same mistake.

I used shadowlands everything except for pots which I made myself. No war scrolls, do those work? Also, have you done any high-end content before? Consumables are the norm.

The mage tower and raids are literally ALL tuned with consumables in mind. It’s intended. I’m not sure if you’re trolling or what, but if you want to be salty, then that’s on you.