Mage Rotation Conditional Macro

Hey Elv, got one you’ve probably seen before. Here’s what I’m using now:

/cast [nomod,spec:1]Arcane Blast;[nomod]Frostbolt
/cast [mod:alt,spec:1]Arcane Missiles;[mod:alt]Ice Lance
/cast [mod:shift,spec:1]Arcane Barrage;[mod:shift]Flurry
/cast [mod:ctrl]Glacial Spike

What I’d like is a conditional macro with my primary rotation for all 3 specs, with the capability of applying debuffs like Slow.

  • Arcane: Slow + Arcane Blast/Arcane Missiles/Arcane Barrage/Arcane Orb
  • Fire: Fireball/Fire Blast/Pyroblast/Scorch
  • Frost: Frozen Orb + Frostbolt/Ice Lance/Flurry/Glacial Spike


You’re going to run out of space if you try to do all 3 specs in a single macro.

You could try something like the following but it’ll be incredibly clunky to play.

Spec Base Alt Shift Ctrl Other
Arcane Arcane Blast Arcane Missiles Arcane Barrage Arcane Orb Slow
Fire Fireball Fire Blast Pyroblast Scorch
Frost Frost Bolt Ice Lace Flurry Frozen Orb Glacial Spike

Fozen Orb and Slow are both on the GCD so they can’t be combined with other spells.


/cast [mod:shiftalt] Slow; [mod:ctrl] Arcane Orb; [mod:shift] Arcane Barrage; [mod:alt] Arcane Missiles; Arcane Blast

This is how I have Mage setup:

Your original macro can be optimized to the following:

/cast [mod:alt,spec:1] Arcane Missiles; [mod:alt] Ice Lance; [mod:shift,spec:1] Arcane Barrage; [mod:shift] Flurry; [mod:ctrl,spec:3] Glacial Spike; [spec:1] Arcane Blast; Frostbolt

This is brilliant, thanks Elv.

And if we don’t need the tooltip (since my mouse cursor isn’t going anywhere near my bars), we can leave that out now, too, right?

I’d leave it or at least #show so you get the correct cooldown display.

I’ve got WA for that, but yeah, it’s a good idea 'cause I’ll forget about it in a month lol. “Why’s this not working anymore” :rofl:

Now, how about a multi-spec AOE conditional?

  • Arcane: Arcane Explosion/Arcane Orb(if talented)
  • Fire: Flamestrike/Dragon’s Breath/Living Bomb/Meteor(if talented)
  • Frost: Frozen Orb/Blizzard/Cone of Cold/Ice Nova(if talented)/Comet Storm(if talented)

/cast [mod:alt,spec:2]Flamestrike; [mod:alt]Blizzard; [mod:shift,spec:2]Dragon's Breath; [mod:shift]Cone of Cold; [mod:ctrl,spec:2]Meteor; [mod:ctrl]Comet Storm; [spec:3]Frozen Orb [spec:2]Living Bomb; Arcane Explosion

The only part I can’t quite figure out is the talents: Ice Nova and/or Comet Storm…because those effectively give Frost 5 AOE abs

Also, curious how you handle PvP talents in your macros? Do they have to be listed by name (e.g. “Greater Pyroblast” vs just “Pyroblast”)?

Pvp talent conditions were removed, so I just don’t bother with them currently.

I’d add @cursor to flamestrike, blizzard, and the other reticle spells to save yourself a click.

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