Mage question from dungeon interaction

Hi all,
First, new to WoW, but not not new to mmorpgs, and I was playing my level 45 arcane mage. I queued for a dungeon this AM and after the first pull the leader asked me to conjure a table, which I’ve seen mages do but I don’t have that spell on my action bars. I went searching for it quickly in the spell book and before I could reply the leader stated “your dps sucks anyway” and I was kicked. Not looking for validation, but when I researched the mage table spell it looks like a level 72 spell, is this the case? Just want to make sure I’m not missing something.

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you can always conjure food, at some lvl it will become a conjuring table that ppl can interact with to get food, at lower lvl, conjure food and trade it with other players

Thanks. I saw that, and I conjure food all the time but they asked specifically for a table, and that threw me off. I appreciate the help.

there, all info you need about the spell

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Apparently they didn’t realize the party was too low-level to expect a table. And I suspect they wouldn’t have appreciated being told that if you had known it, either. Some players double down on stupidity and use kick to win the argument.


Proper DPS is serious business for a level 45 dungeon.

LFD ruins everything, confirmed


normally i have great luck, and last night had a run where several people died multiple times and, shockingly, no one complained or got kicked. it took a while but we finished it. can’t win them all i guess. lol

For lower LFD dungeons the time that you would spend stopping your run, complaining to each other, typing in all caps, and other such colorful things you would have already finished that LFD run and be on to que for the next.

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Why would you even need a table in a 45 dungeon…

lol no idea. we burned down the first mob, then i saw “mage, table please” in the chat pop up. before i could respond i got the dps comment and was kicked. i think someone made a comment about mana before the table question

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Damn… I just got kicked for this exact same reason and felt dumb for not knowing what a mage table was when the group asked.

Now the whole thing feels dumb because I wasn’t a high enough level to do that anyway. I also never understood why one was needed in the first place. Everyone was decent on health except people who were pulling/getting isolated somehow. Someone in the group whispered afterward, “next time just make a mage table when asked” and all I said was “my b” because I had no idea what that meant.