Mage Fire Tier

Likely my misunderstanding, but the four set is affected by it, why wouldn’t the two set?

The four set is your fire blast and phoenix flames regenerate 50% faster during combustion. This includes Sun Kings.

But the two set does not increase the duration of Sun Kings…

Not understanding why they both do not benefit from it.

Not complaining, would just like tooltips to be a bit more accurate.

This is what I expected since Sun King’s is a proc and not the Bustin’ ability.

If Sun King was affected by tier, that would busted Bustin’. I think it’s already top simming too, right?

In the 95 percentile parses in the last two weeks fire mage is still in the bottom 50% of DPS. Frost is still the better performing spec.

To me it would make sense for it to increase sun king’s blessing… But that’s my opinion.

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If you’re using WarcraftLogs, you should swap from scores to per second amounts and see the difference…

Fire and arcane are outperforming frost.

They need to give fire an extra charge of fireblast.

What is the difference of per second and normal?

Per second amounts are actual per second amounts averaged across all fights. Scores are fancy maths to try and dampen overperformance on fights that have a gimmick which favor certain specs.

There is a benefit to looking at scores, but probably not on Mythic where representation is limited. If you wanted a better picture, you would want to look at Heroic 95th percentile for scores.