Mage Covenant Legendaries underpowered PvP 9.2

Your best bet is to have every cov at 80 before 9.2. Actually your best bet is to pray they skip right to 10.0 but yeah, not gonna happen

I don’t even have 1 cov at 80, let alone 4. Admittedly I play for 3 hours a week on raid night so being optimal doesn’t really affect me much, but it would be nice to be able to get the most out of my character in the short time I do play.

At this point I have little faith in Blizzards ability to mage sufficient changes to the game in that length of time. At best I think we can hope 11.0 brings the changes that were needed in 7.0, but who knows if the company will even exist in 3 years time.

At least for arcane in PVP, the venthyr covenant lego and necrolord covenant lego are fairly strong. Night fae and kyrian are super garbage. Mostly speaking from an arena perspective. Are they the strongest covenant legos across all classes? - of course not.

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Frost venthyr one is garbage because the dot can be dispelled instantly meaning you still will have 0 uptime. The necrolord one is only 8% frostbolt damage if you can even get 8 frostbolts off and it only last for what? 8 seconds? lol, good luck getting 8 frostbolts off in 8 seconds. It also is bugged and doesn’t stack with deathborne. So if you pop deathborne when your legendary procs, you will still do the same damage despite deathborne legendary saying you should be doing 31% or 15%+ how ever many frostbolts you have cast * 1%. The proc chance on necrolord legendary is very very very low. Nightfae one is pretty trash and so is kyrian.

They changed the kyrian one on ptr. Its fine… on there at least.

Night fae definitely needs a change. No one in pvp will allow you to get that off at all in the open like that.

Every other covenant legendary needs tuning as well. Kyrian is fine now, but the other 3 are very underwhelming.

Tuning is right, but additional effects are needed as well. Harmonic Echo is very versatile and scales into AoE (~7% DPS increase on ST, ~15% at 5T). Death’s Fathom and Sinful Delight don’t.

For example, even if Sinful Delight was fixed to be useful for Arcane via a 45 second CD, it would only be a 5% DPS increase on all target counts. With Death’s Fathom, you can’t make use of the stacking spellpower bonus because you’re not casting primary spells above 3 targets.

The current designs are very limited. Sinful Delight needs to provide something like extra mirrors, and Death’s Fathom needs to provide an additional spellpower buff, either flat or increasing every second over time.

Yeah, I worded it poorly. What I meant was additional effects.

I also think Heart of the Fae needs a rework because it’s effect is bland and only really useful in AoE. Not mentioning being able to move while channeling it isn’t really worth it of a legendary considering it doesn’t really do much damage at all and our best soulbind being Dreamweaver, meaning we’re supposed to stay inside the 15% Haste pool he creates.

It would be nice if Heart of the Fae caused Shifting Power to do increased damage to your primary target, and caused it to reduce its own CD.

Necro certainly has a possibility of being bonkers for Fire and Frost in PvP come 9.2 .

Having the ability to proc Deathborne will increase the sustain damage of both classes, because you get the 15% spell dam buff for 8 seconds during the proc AND the 1% stacking spell dam per frostbolt/fireball casted. For fire this has a cool opportunity to really compete with Night Fae for CDR on Combustion. Deathborne cleaves when it’s on-use or proc’d ability is used/proc’d. If Fire mages are talented for Kindling & Pyrokinesis they are effectively getting up to 9 seconds off of Combustion every time they press Fireball because it can cleave up to 3 targets (obviously useful in 3v3 arena). So not only will you be getting the 15% spell dam and the stacking 1%'s on use, but you will also get them on proc’s of the legendary for 8 seconds. I am definitely pretty excited about 9.2, and glad that I farmed out both covenants to renown 80 so I can test out the covenant legendaries of both sides!

That’s literally almost never going to happen. I highly doubt anything will be better than NF for Fire in PvP due to not only its consistency in resetting Combustion, but also the defensives.

In PvE, Necrolord will probably only ever be played by Frost in raids or a few meme builds in M+. The few twitch/youtube clips showing Necro Frost are very hard to replicate in actual practice and even if they are, the 3min cooldown on Deathborne will make sure that’s not going to happen often.

The only real covenant legendary that really hit the mark after its tweak was Harmonic Echo. All other 3 still need some much needed attention as well as the abilities themselves like Deathborne and Mirrors of Torment.

You say its not going to happen, but you can’t argue why what I suggested as a possibility is bad. The necro leggo, if it procs more than 1x per minute, has just as good of a CDR as Shifting Power from NF.

You’d be hardpressed to convince me that it’s NOT going to happen when we haven’t even seen it yet. When Deathborne from the legendary procs in between Combustion goes, you’re effectively getting 8-12 seconds off of Combustion for every Fireball you press, and the increased damage. The NF leggo is cool because you can use it while running, but I’ve watched several r1 mages play the 9.2 ptr in arenas. Many of them have broken their own CC with that NF leggo because they move while they use it. It has a humongous radius.

I’m not saying Necro Fire is guaranteed. I said there’s a CHANCE that it could be bonkers, which it would be if the leggo procs more than 1x per minute.

What’s not going to happen is that you’ll be allowed to spam Fireball cleaving 3 people for the CDR. No one is going to sit there with their entire steam stacked while the giant skeleton mage spams Fireball for 20s Combustions. It’s just totally impractical.

Except it already happens when Deathborne on-use is pressed. I’ve had plenty of games at and above 2.1 where I used Deathborne and was cleaving 2 to 3 people at a time getting CDR on my Fire mage. Sure, some people run when I press Deathborne. They run from a 1.5 minute CD. Makes sense. Are they really going to run every time I get an 8 second indispellable proc? I doubt that. If they did, then every mage is going to go Necro to make double melee players run away and do no damage lol.

Let’s not sit here and pretend like you OR I actually know what 9.2 will bring. Again, neither of us knows, and it seems pretty silly for you to sit here and assert that YOU know for a fact what will and won’t be played.

Do they really just leave you free casting Fireball to reset Combustion, especially when you can do so 3x as fast? That’s hard to believe. I for myself have never seen such generous opponents. To be fair, I haven’t seen that many Necrolord Fire Mages either, but still…

Even then the triple filler doesn’t amount to much in PvP and it certainly doesn’t in PvE outside of the CF 3min wonder build for Frost. The value comes mainly from the 15% increased damage, which Fire doesn’t really need considering how potent Combustion is already and Deathborne’s ludicrous 3min cooldown.

Even if it got derailed some, my initial point still stands: outside of Harmonic Echo, the other covenant legendaries are very weak for Mages. That and both MoT and Deathborne need a few tweaks to the baseline abilities.

Ok bro lol… no point in arguing with you… apparently you’ve tested it out yourself and you know better than I do… I’ll go with your opinion, even though I’ve tested it out myself and played double caster necro Fire and it was awesome, but sure… I agree with you… You’ve “beaten” me into submission :roll_eyes:


I have tried Necro Fire, specifically in a double caster comp, and it is honestly pretty fun and useful. Again, like I’ve said several times now, I’m not saying it WILL BE BiS. I’m saying there is a possibility it could be very good with the on use and the leggo that procs. We will have to try it out when 9.2 drops to really know. Don’t just take some random’s word for it on the forums that everyone who disagrees with them is just flat out wrong. Especially when that said someone doesn’t play mage consistently or at a decently high level.

Bro, if you like it, you do you. I’m talking objectively here and am not trying to disincentivize anyone from playing what they like.

You’re not talking objectively though. You’re literally saying anyone who disagrees with you on the **POSSIBILITY it could be good is just wrong and that there’s absolutely no chance for it. At this point, I will not be responding to you any further. Have a good night.

What? Of course I am. I don’t really care if you’ll respond to me or not, but this thread is about the covenant legendaries in case you forgot. And objectively speaking, regardless if your personal experience was pleasurable or not, is that 3/4 of ours are weak.

Venthyr’s is a complete stat stick for Arcane and just so-so for the other 2, Night Fae’s is borderline useless in single target and Necrolord’s goes against what all 3 specs want to do when it wants us to spam one of our least desirable spells in multiple target fights (our filler).