Mage Covenant Legendaries underpowered PvP 9.2

So many people have stronger Legendaries. Like kindred spirits for druid. Why are our covenant Legendaries underwhelming for pvp? Not going to be fun 9.2.


To me kyrains for arcane seems pretty alright but other then that kinda meh to me atleast.

they kyrian arcane one is garbage. barely a little AOE. complete trash. id rather have the 130% arcane barrage damage in execute. that would be much better

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2 legendary system one has to be covenant. So you can still take arcane harmony and gain the kyrain one aswell because why not at that point damage is damage.

Because, that lego does nothing at all in single target & is like you’re not wearing a lego. One of Arcane’s best selling points is the ability to burst really high in ST as it sucks when one has to quickly switch targets. Having your cov lego contribute nothing in such a case is terrible.

In aoe just do your main combo on your main target and enemies around would take an extra 30% damage forever, since your aoe combo is 2 explosions barrage orb barrage which will all be boosted by an extra 30% damage. It’s free extra damage no reason not to get it since we are going to be able to get 1 regular legendary and 1 covenant, literally no reason not to, just play the same as you would without it. This is just a damage gain.

You’re missing the point. It’s a net +0 DPS increase in single target situations. In raid, this is the main reason you’d bring in an Arcane mage anyway. Their ST burst is insanely strong; it’s one of the best in the game. So while other specs in the game would get 2 actual legos for any ST fight/phase/boss, Arcane wont get it in such a situation if it’s Kyrian.

Arcane’s base kit struggles to do meaningful cleave damage and always has to opt between AoE or ST with its talents. Harmony rectifies this, so the Kyrian lego will in essence enhance that band-aid, but it would still not cover all bases. In all likelihood the spec would need to swap covs to make sure it does damage anywhere - in such a setup stuff like the Necro or even NF lego are probably going to be better.

Also there’s no point saying it’s a damage gain as if it’s some hack - literally every spec in the game will have 2 legos. Having your cov lego be dead weight on X format of relevant content (eg: ST) is a big yikes for anyone seriously progressing on anything.

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Even with just 1 more enemy you gain 30% of all the nuke damage you do. I personally don’t like raiding all that much and try to avoid it as much as I can but I’m sure there are adds that come out where cleave will happen. To me in mythic plus it will be a nice bit of extra dps since it would turn more of your single target into cleave for 2 to 3 target situations where you basically have to do your single target combo.

While this is true, how often is there a truly single target encounter?

Take this tier for example, 8/10 bosses had some part of the fight where you could get value from aoe. There are only two pure single target fights, and one of them is a meme boss that your build doesn’t matter for, so when it comes to raid bosses that matter it’s one. In practice I don’t think this will be a big issue, even on “single target” fights there usually is some phases where you could find value in the arcane 4 piece bonus.

And even if you get 0 value from the covenant legendary at times, so what? It’s not like you are giving up arcane harmony, or whatever primary leggo you run, in order to have the covenant one. It’s literally just extra damage for free. And seeing as leggos usually are higher ilvl than standard drops it’s not even like you’ll be giving up stats or anything, hell if anything it’s better since you can choose the stats you want on the leggo.

Arcane might turn to Venthyr in 9.2 in combination with the tier sets. More Clearcasting = More Mirrors of Torment = more Clearcasting = more Touch of the Magi.

I don’t speak for others, but I guess the point people are trying to get across is that the Arcane (and in fact all Mage covenant legendaries) are incredibly weak when compared to what other specs are getting.

Yes wearing an extra legendary is technically an increase, but when you have classes like MM Hunters who now get to wear two legendaries that are insanely strong for both AoE and ST it feels bad to get such a minor increase on other specs that already aren’t pumping the numbers.

We don’t know what the bosses will look like in the next tier but again it feels bad to have to choose between ST and AoE and gimp yourself at the other aspects, while there are plenty of specs out there that are capable of just dumping damage regardless of the encounter type.

The covenant legendaries and 2/4pc bonuses are just further cementing the feeling that players have had for quite some time now that Blizzard doesn’t really know what they’re doing when it comes to a lot of classes, and clearly don’t have any interest of capability of even attempting to balance. Instead of fixing specs baseline they go with generic patch-based borrowed power systems which just exacerbate the issues, and players are just fed up with it.

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All 10/10 encounters in SoD have priority targets that absolutely need to be DPS-ed down in X time to progress on the encounter. There’s no exception to this in SoD. It’s also why you’d consider an Arcane mage. World 1st M.Syl used an Arcane mage as well.

Okay, let’s use some logic for a second.

Periodic 2 target Arcane who holds burst for said cleave to get 30% cleave, can’t optimize proper Spark cooldowns or desired AP use as Kyrian


2 target Necro Frost who gets +15% damage from Necro, can periodically proc it at any time throughout the encounter to continue getting cleave Frostbolt + guaranteed FoF procs via FO all the time with Freezing Winds as the encounter yo-yos from ST to cleave and back

Which one is better for someone seriously progressing?

Literally nobody plays necro frost or necro for Any mage, really cool ability but it actually just sucks ingeneral as a covenant for mage. To me just time stuff for add spawns on single target fights as arcane. realistically I’m much more concerned about it for m+ since it does add a pretty good amount of extra cleave since it’s 30% of what you doo to your main target gets splashed in an aoe.
I severely doubt necrolord is going to be used ingeneral since the ability itself dosent really work well with any of the specs and how they play, maybe arcane but I would still think kyrain is gonna be generally the best choice.

All 4 of the covenant legos are pretty trash tbh, but I’m in agreement either necro or NF will become the go to specs, as they have the only covenant abilities kinda worthwhile. Necro gives at least a (small) single target boost, and NF has aoe for a haste and crit proc (probably the best lego). Kyrian and venthy seem very lackluster.

Arcane in M+ wont be greatly impacted by the kyrian ability. Arcane’s strength is ST, and there are other classes that already do a ton of cleave or aoe damage. The Kyrain ability only provides aoe on a 30 second cd, only hits for 30%, and requires the mobs to live through 4 casts. Then youre back to not doing much aoe at all.

It just depends if the covenant legos meaningfully increase dps enough to justify swapping due to the bask covenant abilities

Venthyr is probably going to be best for ST. But I do agree the abilities themselves are very weak and need a bit of a buff, same with the leggos.

…? It’s literally looking the best for 9.2, are you high or something

I entirely disagree venthyr will more then likely stay as a better choice. Venthyr goes with the gameplay of frost significantly better. Might get ahead of people using night fea though.

I’d like to keep this discussion on PvP. Specifically how the covenant legendaries will just be a stats stick because no one uses them.

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The Necro lego is flat out better when paired with any of Frost’s legos because it somewhat mitigates Frost weakness of a lack of burst by providing 15% SP, and every Frostbolt used during Deathborne will give 1% SP which stacks indefinitely.

This further snowballs with Plague Devisor’s trait which gives an additional 6% damage when Deathborne is used (for a minute).

All of 9.2 sims place Necro way higher than Venth for Frost.

Sunnuva… Guess Blizzard really wants us to swap covenants mutliple times per patch then. Yay for trash systems…