Mage Changes

Can anyone post the known mages changes for Shadowlands? Thanks in advance!

Here you go stupid

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Arcane Intellect cut in half

The changes in terms on new spells/ones brought back are about as exciting as a fart compared to the other classes

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Hey that’s not true. I’ve had some pretty exciting farts in my time.

OP, Mage changes in SLands can be summarised as such:
“We’re taking everything that made any spec viable or fun in BfA… oh, and here’s a spell you’ll never add to your bars”.


I was pretty hopeful I might get to return to arcane in SL but after reading the WoWhead review at the first kick-at-the-can, it’s gonna need work before I’d consider it.

Seems like they made 25% of it better but in doing so made it play worse than it plays in BFA.

Bring back Legion Arcane and throw something in there that provides cleave and be done with it!