Mage aspirations for the future!

Arcane and Fire get their own elementals.

Fire spec receives Immolation (not locks)

Frost spec polymorphs things into a :snowman:.

No thank you. Do you want a pet as arcane? Play Arcane Familiar talent (tecnically not pet because it cannot be controlled). The only pet a Fire mage could have (based on lore) would be a Phoenix, but it’s better how it works right now to spread ignite.

Why remove Immolation from locks? It makes no sense. Fire already have a dot via ignite and you can spec into Living Bomb if you want.

Edit: many even don’t like Frost having a water elemental (I do like it), so I don’t think the other two specs having a pet would be globally accepted.

I would like to see the “conserve” phase for arcane mages to feel more meaningful. The “burn” phase is a few seconds of big numbers and excitement, then you just kind of sit around doing mediocre damage for a few minutes until all of your cooldowns reset. I would like to see the time used during the “conserve” phase to directly affect how potent the “burn” phase is. I use the terms conserve and burn in quotes because as Kyrian with quite a bit of mastery it feels like mana is not much of an issue anymore.

I also want a huge directional arcane laser beam.

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try a desynced rotation. you will be forced to use a cooldown every 15 seconds and there will be NO time to feel you are in a ‘meaningless’ phase. Every second spent is needed to make sure your next 15 second cooldown is as strong as possible assuming you are running kyrian arcane harmony. It’s also a tiny bit stronger than the more popular burn-sleep-mini-burn-sleep-burn-sleep rotation. It’s also significantly harder but imo much more fun. It’s also a less volatile rotation because your damage is spread out much more so you don’t quite live and die as much by your crits.

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