Mage: 127k damage / 187k Healing

Don’t even ask me about the rogue.

I was playing as Hpal with Warrior versus Rogue / mage.

The match lasted around 5 mins. They reseted the game 5 to 6 times.

How a pure dps class can manage to get as much healing as a healing class? While having all the CC and mitigation?

How can you guys can’t say it’s not broken?

I’m sorry but I don’t feel this is about skill at all. This is simply overpowered mechanic / class versus the rest.


I agree, but don’t think for a minute the warrior on your team didn’t likely beat the mage in healing done via damage reduction that simply isn’t registered in details.

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i don’t think you’re right in this case
even if they do every go on warrior, rogue mage in 2s does so much resetting that they probably didn’t put as much through d stance as you’re thinking

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Tell me what are the abilities that do such a thing versus magic damage, please do.

At this point as warrior/healer I feel like rogue/mage games go like this:

You make any mistakes…rogue/mage wins
You make zero mistakes, and rogue/mage make 1…we win.
Both teams make zero mistakes…rogue/mage wins.

Both teams make lots of mistakes…does it really matter? you both suck.


Defensive stance/ignore pain are these only physical?

I feel like this is a metaphor for life that I’m going to teach my kids.

I mean I think a lot of us agree that hybrid healing is out of control especially classes that make no sense with it like mage, rogue, or classes with no healing spec.


ok, lets take defensive stance… lets add +10% to the mage dps. that would put the mage at 139k damage with 187k healing.

Where’s the warrior healing? None

Oh and btw, that 10% damage reduction comes with a 10% damage reduction on the warrior ends too.

I don’t see any damage reduction for the mage to compensate for that 187k healing

this is a very odd thing to say
you should be scared of what combust looks like when mages use a damage legendary


Ignore pain is also 50% which is basically a 2x modifier on the shield it provides, but the 2x modifier isn’t included in details. If you stack both Def/IP aren’t you effectively reducing all damage by 60%, for the duration of the IP effect?

You got me there. Ignore pain could soak a lot of damage.

What’s ignore pain absorb # on a duelist geared warrior?

I don’t know :man_shrugging:

I love when holy Pally with a warrior complains. You beat almost every comp out there and you struggle with Rogue/Mage… boo hoo

Congrats Rock, paper got ya… now go crush all the other rock comps and scissors.


Imagine sitting a full duration frost nova while a fire mage combusts in your face. All the while you’re taking 15% increased damage.


:point_up_2: this exactly lmao

They should just make a new category for damage reduction on the scoreboard, absorbs, damage reduction, and stuff separately from healing.

They’ll never do that because then holy paladin might get tuned

I don’t think it would result in Hpal being targeted, i think it would result in warrior being targeted.

You’d be shocked how much 3% DR does over the course of a match to every target, not even including devo aura mastery

But yes, warrior D stance is pretty much equally guilty