Mag’har Orc Description

I’m not a fan of WoD or the entire alternate timeline/universe use. I try to tell myself that Mag’har Orcs are from Outland. When I read the description of the race it seems somewhat generic.

“For untold generations, the orc clans of Draenor battled one another in endless war. But when Gul’dan offered them the blood of his demonic masters, the disparate tribes of Mag’har—the orcish word for “uncorrupted”—refused the dark bargain and banded together to drive out the Burning Legion. In the aftermath of the fall of Hellfire Citadel, the Mag’har pledged to one day repay Azeroth’s heroes for aiding their cause. As war against the Alliance intensifies, the Horde must call upon the might of the Mag’har to seize victory.”

Is it possible to read this and allow for Outland based Mag’har Orcs?

This description doesn’t allow for Outland-based Mag’har Orcs. The main-timeline Mag’har had nothing to do with the fall of Hellfire Citadel in Outland. They were in Nagrand.

Besides, some of the clans that playable Mag’har Orcs belong to are, or were Fel Orcs, in the main timeline.


If we strike the Hellfire Citadel sentence would that work?

Not completely but it can be used for Outland based orcs. The Mag’har on Outland didn’t so much refuse the dark bargain but weren’t even in consideration to use due to being sick from the red pox. However they did provide aid to the Horde, as we fought against the Illidari and the Legion.

At the same time, while the fall of Hellfire Citadel mentioned is a refence to the WoD version, it can be applied to the MU one. After all the Fel Horde under Kargath were capturing Mag’har orcs and turning them into fel orcs. And as per Chronicles Volume 3, the Horde was responsible for invading Hellfire Citadel and putting an end to those operations by killing those responsible, Warchief Kargath, and even killing Magtheridon.

So you can RP as an Outland Mag’har orc and just reinterpret the description to suit your needs.


Huh, those are good points.

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You can roleplay whatever your heart desires because it’s the same model


The description is technically for the WoD orcs, but why limit yourself on it?
Go for an Outland/TBC orc!


Try unlocking the Mag’har and tell me you can imply they’re from Outland.

Thats very narrow-minded of you.
The Outland and Draenor orcs are essentially the same orcs. No reason someone can’t use the Mag’har model/skins to RP as a Mag’har from Outland.
People use the draenei model to RP as an alt universe draenei, no reason the Mag’har can’t be used for Outland orcs.

Have you recruited them yet?

I have, and it was an alright quest chain.
I would just rather not shoehorn all maghar PCs to WoD-only just because of a couple game mechanics. But, you do you, boo.

So you should know they have completely different backgrounds.

So you’d rather push your headcanon above the game’s lore to suit your tastes? Yikes

Pushing my own lore headcanon over whats offered in-game! HAH!! Tell that to the RPers that are RPing their maghar as Outland maghar. Good luck in pushing your lore on them.
You are taking in-game mechanics too literally and too seriously, but who hecking cares what either of us think? Go have fun, kiddo, with whatever you do.


He’s talking about RP, not lore. People who RP as High Elves are still playing Void Elves.


Blizzard hasn’t been kind to the Orcs who chose to stay on Outland. Most of them turned into fel Orcs sadly. The little Mag’har community in Garadar is all what remains of the uncorrupted parts of Orc society. I think they did a good choice with the AU Mag’har. It is a way to honor ALL old clans without breaking with the canon world building. Take it as a gift and leave it be at that. The Mag’har are a enrichment to Horde roleplaying in the end.


And while Geya’rah does give out the heritage armor… you could spin that as a Horde Council member acknowledging your work over your racial leader so your RP immersion isn’t broken.

I’m still slightly assblasted that they used the name “Mag’har” for the reformed Iron Horde orcs. The Mag’har are a specific group from Outland, and they’re who that name has always referred to. Up until the allied race was revealed, at least. Now they’re practically forgotten while the AU orcs have taken the name. Similar to how “Mechagnome” referred to a specific group of beings from Northrend for all the years since their introduction, until the junker gnomes stole the name.

As for OP’s question about the description, just ignore it. For RP purposes it doesn’t matter. I RP my human Death Knight as being from Lordaeron, even though there’s an NPC in the DK starting experience who talks about Elwynn Forest.


If troll people can “roleplay” that their character is a forest troll despite them not being available ingame or a drakkari troll etc you can just "my orc was born on draenor (outland)


Pretty much this. As players in a roleplaying game we have a lot of imagination to play with. Really you can think of your character’s backstory being pretty much whatever, and play it that way.

As a counterpoint to this - honestly, the unlock scenario is just a questline. You only have to do it once, by necessity NOT on your Mag’har character. After you’ve completed the achievement you can then make as many Mag’har as you want, without needing to think about it at all.

I don’t think it’s a total suspension of disbelief to think of your Mag’har as coming from Outland. Any more than it does to think of your human as coming from non-Stormwind Kingdoms.

This too, honestly. You can make desert trolls and wildhammer dwarves now, in terms of customisation options. But storywise they’re presented quite strongly as Darkspear and Bronzebeard respectively. Are we meant to believe we’re playing a weird yellow Darkspear, or a Bronzebeard who’s culturally appropriated Wildhammer Tattoos? Nah, those customisation options allow us opportunities to flesh out our backstories and put those on display for the world to see!

I wouldn’t overthink it mate. I literally think that the Blizzard writing team didn’t give it any thought beyond “orcs that are not green” LOL. It’s a recognisable name if nothing else.


I agree that having MU Maghar Orcs would have been the best way to go about it. And now that they included a near exact replica from an AU, it doesn’t seem like they ever will have Playable MU Maghar.

For RP, you can do what you will. People don’t always accept the RP of others. People don’t always even accept the Lore in their RP. Just don’t expect everyone to agree or play along.

Having said all that… depending on a Time Skip or how time works… I think there is a way that might fit the lore :

If your Character is a younger Orc who was conceived after the AU Maghar came to Azeroth. And they had one parent from the AU Maghar and one from the MU Maghar.

That wouldn’t be too lore breaking. You could have MU ancestors and AU ancestors and still be “Maghar”. But that would depend on where - or when - we are next Expac.

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