Macros for Lunar Fire and Sun Fire, and bear form (Druid)

Hi everybody. My knowledge about macros is limited. So i’m here to ask about the 2 following issues:

  • Issue #1: I have the classic /castsequence macro to spam two spells with one single buton, for this: /castsequence moonfire, sunfire.
    Also i know a macro to use an ofensive abilitie if you are targeting the enemy, or if you are only mouseover him (puting priority on the mouseover): /casts [nomod,@mouseover,exists][nomod,@target] moonfire.
    Now, i will like to know if there is some macro to spam two spells with one single buton (like in castsequence), and at the same time make capable of use those spells while targeting to the target and/or while mouseover him (as i said before).

  • Issue #2: It’s possible create a macro where in the same button you can cast an specific spell while your are in humanoid form, and at the same time you will cast a different spell if you are in (let’s say) bear form?

That’s all, any reply will be apreciate. Bye!

/castsequence [@mouseover,harm,nodead] [] reset=whatever spell1,spell2

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