Macros: Condensing Your Physical Keys

Could try
/castrandom [pet] Kill Command; Call Pet 1, Call Pet 2, Call Pet 3, Call Pet 4, Call Pet 5
That said I don't see the appeal of random pets when you generally want specific pet abilities for specific scenarios.
Hmm.. I just tried it in game now, seems to keep calling the same pet out (Call Pet 3). Any other ideas?

For PVE it really doesn't matter much. Spirit beast is generally the best choice and the only time I switch is for lust.
There's been some bugs with castrandom not being random this xpac.

Is it possible to macro a conditional like if the target is in combat? Can it sap if they are out of combat and kidney if they are in combat? Or are there only combat conditionals for the player? Thanks.

Player only.

Trying to expand upon a Cleanse/Cleanse Toxin macro for Paladins that will also cast Hand of Hindrance as Ret with mouseover. I am trying to combine this

/cast [spec:2/3,@mouseover,help,nodead] [spec:2/3] Cleanse Toxins; [@mouseover,help,nodead] [] Cleanse

with this

[spec:3,@mouseover,harm,nodead] [] Hand of Hindrance;

I can’t get the Hand of Hindrance to fire off. Cleanse works fine for all specs. I even tried the spec# condition as both 2 and 3 just to eliminate that as an issue.

Any suggestions to what I am overlooking?

Post the combined macro.

At a glance, the empty conditions [] on Cleanse and Hand of Hindrance, plus the [spec:2/3] conditional on Cleanse Toxins, are incompatible, but I can’t tell you how to fix it without seeing the whole thing.

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/cast [spec:2/3,@mouseover,help,nodead] Cleanse Toxins; [spec:3,@mouseover,harm,nodead] [spec:3,harm] Hand of Hindrance; [spec:2/3] Cleanse Toxins; [@mouseover,help,nodead] [] Cleanse

This was my last attempt. I can break out the hindrance and the cleanse works fine. I am hitting a conflict somewhere and I have been looking at too long so I am overlooking something.

/cast [spec:2/3,@mouseover,help,nodead] [spec:2/3] Cleanse Toxins; [@mouseover,help,nodead] [] Cleanse; [spec:3,@mouseover,harm,nodead] [] Hand of Hindrance

Works perfect. Thank you.

I see what I did and I knew it would be something simple that I was overlooking. Thanks again.

Hey dudes,

I created what I thought was a super simple macro, but it sure doesn’t work

/cast Skullsplitter
/cast Whirlwind

Skullsplitter casts, but not WW.

Any thoughts?

Can’t cast 2 abilities that are on the GCD simultaneously. Use a modifier to pick one.

Trying to consolidate my Silience in one macro. What am I missing with this Hunter Counter Shot/Muzzle Macro?

/cast [spec:1/2,@mouseover,harm, nodead] [spec:1/2, harm] [] Counter Shot; [spec:3.@mouseover, harm, nodead] [spec:3, harm] [] Muzzle

Ended up going with this and added a Cancel Aura Macro for Aspect of the Turtle.

#showtooltip [spec:1][spec:2] Counter Shot; [spec:3]Muzzle
/cancelaura Aspect of the Turtle
/cast [@mouseover,exists, harm][] Counter Shot
/cast [@mouseover,exists, harm][] Muzzle

Please feel free to add to it or advise on a better way. Coudln’t get the focus part to work.

[] = true, and should never appear more than once per cast and should only be the very last condition if present.

/cancelaura Aspect of the Turtle
/cast [spec:3,@mouseover,harm,nodead] [spec:3] Muzzle; [@mouseover,harm,nodead] [] Counter Shot

Not sure what you meant by focus part but best guess it’s probably this:

/cast [spec:3,@focus,harm,nodead] [spec:3,@mouseover,harm,nodead] [spec:3] Muzzle; [@focus,harm,nodead] [@mouseover,harm,nodead] [] Counter Shot

Thanks Elvenbane I overthought the extra []. I will try your focus input when I get home. When I was testing on target dummies it wouldn’t fire off on the focus target. That might go back to my extra [] problem.

No problem. If you can describe the priority you want with regards to focus casting I can adjust the macro. Current priority is focus > mouseover > target

Yes that is the priority I am looking for.

Still trying to free up some macro slots and I found an odd behavior with this one.

/cancelaura Aspect of the Turtle
/cast [spec:1] Cobra Shot;[spec:2,nochanneling:rapid fire] Steady Shot; [spec:3] Shrapnel Bomb;
/use Claw(Basic Attack)
/use Bite(Basic Attack)
/use Smack(Basic Attack)

Steady and Cobra work fine but Shrapnel Gernade works fine until I enter combat. After I use it the first time to enter combat it will fail (Red Question Mark). I thought that the talent Guerilla Tatics might be messing with it but I tried with using Butchery and it was the same effect. Am I overlooking something?

Should be Wildfire Bomb

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Son of a…I was focusing too much on the wrong talent row. I was shift clicking and not even thinking about being specced into Wildfire Infusion. That is what I get for trying to mess with macros late at night.

Thanks once again.