Macro to link item in wow classic

I found guides that doesnt seem to work, such as the " /script MacroFrameText:Insert("") " one.

Does that work for classic or am I doing something wrong?

If so, can someone link one that works? Didnt find any different on google.

Ty in advance

Hit Enter to open up your chat, Shift Click the item you want to link, press enter to send.

Why do you need a macro?

Must be doing it wrong. Works for me.

Having an item link in a macro is very helpful. I put the recipe item for Lionhearts Helm in my Blacksmithing macro so people can click on it to see mats instead of whisper me.


What works for me though is using the item ID or name, for example:

/run SendChatMessage(select(2,GetItemInfo(19019)), "Say")

Will link the item with the ID 19019 to /say, i.e. regular chat.

Or, you could set a variable, and pass it to SendChatMessage. In this case, I’ve also modified the channel argument to "Party":

/run MyItem = select(2, GetItemInfo(19019)); SendChatMessage(MyItem, "Party")

This just separates out the logic, in case you’d rather define some way to dynamically get the ID of an item.

I could also use an item name, such as “Darkmist Mantle of Stamina” or “Brown Skeletal Horse”:

/run MyItem = select(2, GetItemInfo("Brown Skeletal Horse")); SendChatMessage(MyItem, "Party")

You have to make you macro and keep it open then hit escape. THEN type out or copy paste
/script MacroFrameText:Insert("")
then find the item you want and place your cursor between the " " in the script and click the item link, and then press enter.
It should look like
/script MacroFrameText:Insert("[oily blackmouth]") before you hit enter.
this will then put the link in your macro you have open right where your cursor was in the macro before you hit escape.
So for example want your macro to look like “WTS [oily blackmouth] in stacks pst for prices”
you would type out the “WTS” portion of the macro and hit escape, then follow the steps i mentioned and go back to the macro after to finish the rest of the text.


It’s really weird thats working right now.

When I was doing exactly what the guide said, a message appears to confirm if I really wanted to run that script. Now it worked, but the message to run the script did not appear. Very weird. But in any case, it’s working now.

Thank you all for the help

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