Macro help please! BF and AR-- but not how you think

I use sprint and distract just fine when I do


but the same is not for adrenaline rush and blade flurry.

Or evasion and feint… help? I’m Rosbashi#0110 on discord or Rosbashi#1728 on

why would you ever have them on the same bind?

Irrelevant. Some of my bind combos consist of something such as Shiv/distract

@op, hard to help without seeing your exact macro that isnt working as intended

#show Distract
/cast [nomod] Adrenaline Rush
/cast [mod:shift] Blade Flurry

Its the same with vanish and distract

I’d say try to add @target to the blade flurry portion and see if that does anything.

There shouldnt be any reason evasion/feint in the same sense wouldnt work unless you have maybe the same keybinds in multiple bars