macOS Sonoma 14.0 WoW Classic crashes immediately on launch

Topic says it all, the new Sonoma macOS 14.0 Developer, WoW Classic and WoTLK Classic crash immediately on launch. Tried on 3 machines, all with Sonoma 14.0 Developer, all crash on launch.

Hopefully the Blizz team is looking into this and will support Sonoma soon as more Developer seeds are released.


If interested, the windows version of the game works through the Game Porting Toolkit. I followed the instructions here:

How is the performance in relation to native?

I don’t have a direct benchmark (as I can’t run it natively on Sonoma atm), but the performance penalty is minor. That said, these are the numbers to the best of my recollection. This “benchmark” was standing in Dalaran in front of the bank during off-peak hours. This is using a 5k Ultrawide display and all graphics settings at their highest:

  • M2 Max (12 core CPU, 38 core GPU) MacBook Pro 16" running WoW natively on Ventura: ~85 FPS
  • M2 Max (12 core CPU, 38 core GPU) MacBook Pro 16" running WoW through the translation layer on Sonoma: ~80 FPS
  • (And for reference) PC equipped with a Ryzen 5 5600X and a GTX 1080: ~90 FPS

In 25 man Ulduar runs, all three setups pull 45-60 FPS during most boss fights. I really can’t tell a difference between any of the setups, performance-wise.

Well guys, some good news - the latest 1.14.4 ptr build runs on sonoma natively, so looks like we won’t need to use wine :slight_smile:

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