M+ Shrouded Hero Title

Earlier this week you’d stated titles being released. I nor anyone I know has received the title yet.

Included in that post you mention that there is a disqualification for some quest sharing bug. I personally have no idea what youre talking about but naturally am thinking “oh snap did they make a mistake” as I have not received title yet.

Why even make that post if you are not actually giving out titles yet? Or was there in fact a mistake and I was disqualified? Some clarification would be kind of neat…


I’d put money on it taking time to sift through everyone to check for the buff.

Makes sense for sure. I guess its just kind of odd that they specifically released a post saying they are releasing titles that day…but in fact did not lol.

They said they were starting. In fairness.

M+ Shrouded Hero Title – Updated November 16 - Community / General Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

They said “Titles will be going out to players today”

I have th etitle

Care to share your mains name so I can see that? Thus far ive searched over 100 diff people over the 3087 cut off and have not seen a single person with title…or is this troll be trolling?

Did you use that zenkiki (whatever the name is) Druid buff from a quest in western plageulands (I think?) if so then that DQd you from what I gather

Nope. Had not even heard of that until the GM made that announcement and since did more research.
Ran with the same guys. Only pushed keys the first 4-6 weeks of the season. Not once did I ever have a quest shared, or did we ever discuss anything of that nature. 100% did not use this exploit.

Well I can’t be the judge of that, but on the titanforged podcast I think dratnos did not get his title and trell did. They could be just handing them out over time starting on the day they made the post.

After further investigation I found a website that shows 0 people have received the title yet. Not sure the accuracy.

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