M+ Shrouded Affix

Stats are bland, how about power that the brokers have been holding for bounties on the nathrezim?

Instead of secondary stats, it should be stacks of an ability of your choice for the whole dungeon, x amount of stacks can be used to use an extra action ability (extra action button 2, not 1).

  1. Gain invisibility for 1 minute until entering combat. Upon breaking invisibility, gain 15% haste for 15 seconds. Can be used in combat.
  2. Summon a devourer that chomps an enemy for 10 seconds. (I’m still waiting for a chompy boy)
  3. Pulse damage equal to 100% of your max hp to all enemies over 10 seconds. Enemies get a debuff that makes them take 10% more damage from all sources for the duration.
  4. Pulse healing equal to 100% of your max hp to all allies over 10 seconds. Allies get a buff that makes them take 10% more healing from all sources and reduces damage taken by 20% for the duration.