M+ Season 2 to Season 3 Keystone Level Drop Confirmation?

Don’t leave yet! Will we be able to get the new, higher item level gear next week? Or is it staying at 252 next week.

Mythic+ end-of-run drops will cap at Mythic+10 throughout the week of July 6-12, and Season 2 Rated PvP gear upgrades are initially capped at Rival (base item level 239) until Mythic Difficulty Sanctum of Domination is available.
Will mythic keystone rewards be capped?

Probably. They’ve done it every season since at least BFA S1-S2

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Thank you so much! <3

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Thank you !!!

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I’m still here Birds!

Mythic+ end-of-run drops will cap at Mythic+10 throughout the week of March 1–7, and Season 3 Rated PvP gear upgrades are initially capped at Rival II (base item level 268) until Mythic Difficulty Sepulcher of the First Ones is available.

Completing the Great Vault participation requirements next week, March 1–7, will reward the new item level thresholds in the March 8 Great Vault after the weekly maintenance.

Season 3 Great Vault Rewards

Difficulty End-of-Run Missed Timer Great Vault
Mythic+15 ilvl 262 ilvl 259 ilvl 278

Class set pieces, excluding shoulder and chest, will appear in the Great Vault rewards starting on March 8 from all vault categories. Defeating raid bosses that drop tier will increase your chances of receiving that tier slot from the Raids row. The shoulder and chest pieces will appear in the Great Vault rewards from March 15 and beyond.


“increase you chances” by how much exactly? And does this mean that later in the patch, we can selectively avoid tier-bosses in a week to increase our chances of non-tier items (like weapons and trinkets?)

Can you clarify that “increase your chances” part. Is this the current system where you have to kill boss 8 to unlock boss 8 rewards in the GV but just worded differently. Or is this a week by week thing where killing tier set bosses = higher chance of tier set in vault?

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gonna love it in the future when you just need your bis weapon or trinket and it’s just tier that keeps showing up on your vault.

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Appreciate the confirmation. Thanks

Thanks for the informative post! Much appreciated.

What Ilvl will tier gear be that comes from the M+ and PvP sections of the vaults, and do these pieces have the same stat weights as the raid drops or can they roll differently?

Hey, hopefully you see this. If I timed a +20 key last reset and skipped keys altogether this week, would I get a level 16 keystone from Ta’hsup in Oribos, like in previous weeks?

so, if i remember correctly, the tier will roll on the ilvl that was unlocked for the respective slot. regarding the stats, they will have the same as the raid drops. also when you use the catalyst to create a tier piece from a m+/pvp one, no matter the stats, they will be rerolled into the raid ones. hope this is helpful. sorry for the english, not my first language.

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I am worried about the pieces of gear that drop of the bosses with tier gear that are not tier gear. They have a lower chance of dropping because tier will take up half the drops. This seems compounded when your slots will have a greater chance of also not being tier. I wonder if there is anyway to offset the lower drop rate of these items especially when some of them will be much desired weapons.

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That’s also my understanding of how it works: you get the ilvl based on the keys you ran, and will preserve the separate PvP ilvl if you get it from the PvP section.

One other question: Can the cache from Timewalking weekly quest contain tier pieces?

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Anyone know the keystone we’ll get next week will depend on the key we did this week or the key we have in bag? For example I only did a 21 timed this week but my key is a 27, so whats the key level will I receive next week? 23 or 18?