M+ Season 2 Affix: Reaping

(Ghaghzull) #21

That bit rush don’t you think? There some bad flex combs that could be problematic for Reaping and 2 weeks is not enough time. Then again why bother giving you guys some feedback when you’re going end up ignoring our feedback anyway?


I find some of the affixes have uneven applicability to mobs and certain mobs really should be exempt from certain affixes. Those tiny little bubbles/blobs in Shrine, for example. Do they really need to get bolstered? Is that compelling game play? Those tiny little mobs are there, in my opinion, as window dressing. They’re normally neutral as well. Mobs that are neutral should be exempt as usually they are only there for flavor and not content. That’s just my opinion.

(Turnberry) #23

So if (when) Reaping has gamebreaking issues, are you guys going to be able to fix them in 2 weeks? I feel like this is a bad idea


who said anything about fixing any issues lol. Would love to see something be tested/adjusted/improved before making it to retail.

(Metrohaha) #25

Will we be able to transfer characters and have our keystones useable? Or are we going to have to get new keystones and level them from 2 like on the 8.1 ptr?


It’s nice that we’re getting 2 weeks to test an affix that zero fixes are going to happen for because in your words it’s a “small subset” of data. Basically we’re going to end up with another Infested Scenario where the first few weeks are filled with bugs aren’t we?


Testing major game feature with less than 2 weeks till release. Guess what can go wrong?

(Chadadin) #28


This is kind of ridiculous, don’t you think? Since way before BFA and even Legion, this team has been consistently telling the playerbase that “they’re going to work on communication and are open to feedback” when your historical track record has proven otherwise.

Communication from this team has been lackluster at best. You guys have failed to be open and transparent and it’s reflecting on your playerbase. As someone who has been consistently playing BFA since launch even to this day, I am highly disappointed that you are still treating the loyal consumers of this crappy product like morons. We know that you are not being open and honest about the issues at hand. Case in point: there is a known exploit in ToS that makes the run trivial, is constantly streamed and abused, and instead of at least acknowledging this you are shuffling it under the rug.

Why not disable TOS for M+ until this is addressed, or give us an indication that it’ll result in punishment to the players who are clearly abusing a dungeon in the game? You have the same issue with Freehold (on a lesser scale, but still applies here) that has never, and probably will never, be addressed either. This is killing the scene for those of us who care about M+ and the enjoyment factor when we know there are people who are de-legitimizing high key runs.

On my second point: saying you are open to feedback is laughable. How can you sit here and tell the playerbase that you’re actively listening when you haven’t even put the new affix for S2 on the PTR with EXACTLY TWO WEEKS TO GO until it’s supposed to launch? Do you guys have a foggy memory? Do you not remember how Infested was at the start of BFA and the bugs that were present due to the lack of testing? Do you not remember acknowledging the fault of this to the general public and saying “we will make sure to improve on this going forward” in regards to listening to the community? If not, I recommend you revisit your past posts and see that you’re continuing the same loop as before.

I am trying to stay motivated to play this game. I really am. But this is not the type of transparency we were promised, nor the type of open line for feedback we deserve. It’s sad that most people are skeptical instead of optimistic of new changes coming down the pipeline in WoW, and a lot of it falls on your team and your inability to talk to us like we aren’t complete idiots.

(Bluesquared) #29

is there consideration for mobs spawned from reaping to not allow players to use shadowmeld / stealth to be able to rez after the group dies, kinda trivialises the affix as the whole group / healer can just book it to somewhere and just meld off, and puts a lot of power into 1 racial even more so.

it should have a tradeoff on such scenarios that if players want to skip a reaping phase since it spawns every 20%, that something should be paid, such as a brez, rather than a whole group being nelfs to cheese the entire thing. cheapens the entire affix.

(Salmonsteak) #30

Cant wait to see group descriptions with :" Nightelves only"

(Mcsalty) #31

wow, they dont test anything…


Reaping can’t possibly interact with most affixes. Explosive and necrotic will be completely impossible. Bolstering wouldn’t be far behind, and volcanic would be hilarious to watch but not play.

(Prolifics) #33

Can’t wait to kill a pack of 30 reaping mobs and instantly get 1-shot by 30 sanguine pools they dropped in waycrest blocking off an entire cramped hallway.

(Pouljikhan) #34

From what I have read so far, the reaping mobs are not affected by the other affixes in general. Things like quaking still occur though. I don’t think stealth works on them either. The biggest chease is if you kill the last boss before you hit 100% you can skip the 5th reaping.