M+ Season 2 Affix: Reaping

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Yeah fixed it, they were never broken just harder depending of the afix.
Now Shrine is ridiculous everything needs interrupting and you can pull big cause youll miss interrupts, and the timer is reidiculously tight, and the last boss takes forever to kill. KR trash is a bit overtuned still too.


Much of the content feels close in terms of tuning right now. However, Shrine and Siege are both currently in major need of balancing (Siege is fine until final boss at which point it needs a very thorough looking at). If you look at both of those keys, most of the top clears are from over a month ago pre “tuning”.

Even if you look at this week’s affixes, many of the top 20 runs with this affix mix in those two dungeons are from back in October (2+ months of gear ago). This should not happen. Understood devs are on holiday, hopefully they’ll get back and fix.

All of this said, the fact that Shrine and Siege exist in the pool of keys makes random access to progression content feel even worse - you roll into a dungeon that is badly in need of tuning and it just feels like a dead key - or 2+ hours of work to “reroll” it (i.e. deplete key in the poorly tuned dungeon and hope you get a better key and then, if lucky, chest that key back into a progression level and hopefully of a key that you need / isn’t broken currently).


Maybe im wrong but i am pretty sure they have not fixed all of the bugs.
Tol Dagor has stuff falling through the floor like its going out of style.
Multiple visual effects are way off in Kings Rest, Shrine, TOS

Not saying they are not doable but you get a tingly feeling when a mob falls through the floor in Tol Dagor and re-appears 6 minutes later with 22 bolstering stacks.


To answer the OP
Reaping has not been publically tested, there is only information out from datamining, speculation, and interviews on what it is and how it works.
Will it be a buggy nightmare at launch? Most likely
Do I hope they learn from this and let people test new affixes on the PTR when the inevitable does happen?


Just like M+ affixed weren’t tested right at launch, Reaping has a good chance of being a disaster.

Affixes still aren’t balanced in any but the most half-assed way, otherwise we wouldn’t have push weeks. And the most critical check in most dungeons is ‘can the healer handle unavoidable damage ability X’ where X is spit gold/decap/etc.


Currently the plan is to have the PTR up soon with Season 2 active within it. This build will also contain the new Seasonal Affix Reaping and you guys will be able to check that out finally :slight_smile:

The goal is to have that PTR build up sometime this week assuming everything goes according to plan.

Reaping affix testing coming in 8.1.5 PTR?
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Is this an 8.1.5 build or simply a season 2 build? Any hints for what 8.1.5 will be focused on? CLASS CHANGES??? POGGERS.


Hope it’s the 8.1.5 PTR so we can unlock the new allied race and finally see the numbers behind their racials.

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Season 2 is exactly 2 weeks away and you are just getting out PTR for it this week, maybe. Hilarious.


Did you guys do internal testing to make sure that that all this stuff doesn’t end up being a cluster **** with sanguine, explosive, vulcanic, bolstering etc?

Basically can you answer if reaping mobs will be affected by normal affixes?


The real question is if i log in and test this and find an issue will it end up in the current pile of ( Need to fix stuff) or will it actually be fixed before it is put to retail?

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season 2 starts very soon, with how much bad press you got so far with BFA launch wouldn’t you want this out sooner so if its not fun or working as you expect from feedback, you’d have things done right?


An untested affix two weeks out, just lmao. January 22nd is going to be a massive sh*t show.


on top of that dosent the rewards change to a +15 for max. Nothing says harder content like bugged content

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Do you plan on looking at feedback before or after Season 2 begins?


Imagine if affixes work on them… Suddenly you see 30 mobs running at you and 15 explosives spawn then you kill 5 of them and the other 25 get bolstered 5 times. :rofl:

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That bit rush don’t you think? There some bad flex combs that could be problematic for Reaping and 2 weeks is not enough time. Then again why bother giving you guys some feedback when you’re going end up ignoring our feedback anyway?


I find some of the affixes have uneven applicability to mobs and certain mobs really should be exempt from certain affixes. Those tiny little bubbles/blobs in Shrine, for example. Do they really need to get bolstered? Is that compelling game play? Those tiny little mobs are there, in my opinion, as window dressing. They’re normally neutral as well. Mobs that are neutral should be exempt as usually they are only there for flavor and not content. That’s just my opinion.

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So if (when) Reaping has gamebreaking issues, are you guys going to be able to fix them in 2 weeks? I feel like this is a bad idea


who said anything about fixing any issues lol. Would love to see something be tested/adjusted/improved before making it to retail.