M+ groups pug

So, I mainly play m+ and do almost all of it pugging. Is it relatively easy to find groups as a mage for m+?

Yes it is. As long as you sign up for appropriate groups, according to your gear level and rating, you will always get invited.

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Appreciate the reply. Been tanking and healing and kind of tired of it. Thinking of maining my mage for a change of pace.

Frost mage is S tier there. I think fire too, but Frost for sure.

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Get into higher keys on this mage than my 2.5k rogue.

Mages easily get group invites for M+ because their role compression is great: int buff, healer food, lust, & excellent aoe damage on all specs. They’re also excellent at damage mitigation so this spares the healers time/mana to dps more as well.

The best spec depends on the comp of the group. Frost slots in easiest with most group archetypes, because it has no major issues with timings of its cooldowns as long as you look at the route beforehand. It also has no covenant issues as the covenant abilities don’t really tie in with the AoE rotation of the spec.

Arcane/Fire require more planning and ideally a route planned around their CDs, however they can dish out excellent damage when this happens.

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