M+ Group Finder ilevel and score of all members -- Addon or Weakaura or SOMETHING

Okay, label me as elitist, or rude or whatever. But you join a group, look over the members, and quickly see there is a carry. Maybe even two. Or you see that the tank has an ilevel a fair bit below what you would expect for the key. Now maybe you figure, Okay, no big deal. Okay, you can manage it. Okay, the guy’s main has a high score. Okay, my lucky rabbit’s foot is finally gonna pay off. Hey, you have your lucky shirt on. Okay…

Now, ten minutes later, the tank is dead, someone is whispering you with some pretty interesting comments, you are out of mana, and there you are, and regretting having joined. But you are not the kind of person to join a group and then suddenly leave once you have done a complete score and gear check. That would be rude. You are not that kind of awful person. You are nice. You’re not one of those rude elitist types. You wouldn’t want anyone to feel bad. Yada, yada, yada.

Honestly, there is no way around this dilemma except to run your own keys and only invite who you like. Well, or join with friends, etc etc.

Am I alone in this? Is there really no way to vet the members of the group before you queue for it–as in see their score, experience and ilevel BEFORE you queue and join a group?

I dunno. After just having left three groups after getting invites, I find myself frustrated. Are these group members really not up to it? Is the keyholder a little on the lacking side about invites? All I can say is, Yeah. It does totally feel bad leaving a minute after getting an invite. But then it sure beats seeing one of the group leave after dying once or twice. Or after a wipe on whatever boss where you did your best, you having done the dungeon lots of times with no problems at all. But bam, there you are. Half an hour wasted. Wasted again.

My point? Really? There is no way to see the ilevels and scores of the groups BEFORE you queue?

I think that there is an addon that allows you to see who is in the group and what their numbers are. I don’t have it but I want to say I have heard people talking about it.

Would be a nifty thing to have for situations like yours where you just want to get into a key that isn’t totally ridiculous.

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Well, the truth is I dont play a holy paladin, meta, that is. So getting into solid groups is pretty tough even when you have mass dispel for bursting. Yesterday, after a bunch of declines in a row for 20-22s I finally got into one key, a 22, but two in the group were in the low to mid level 430s and one had relatively little experience actually doing anything over a 20, let alone a 22, and with a pretty low score for a 22. Well, it wasnt too bad, but I went out of mana on two boss fights because the dps of the undergeared two in the group was not high enough, and so we downed the bosses, but not without struggles. Hence we missed timing by a bit. If I’d have had info on those two lowbies beforehand I would not have queued for the group, and would not have been excited being accepted for a 22. These things have happened to me lots of times and I ought to know better and leave groups that are not up to snuff but I find myself rationalizing staying on the off chance these lowbies are high performers. I ought to know better having played meta, where you know your class alone gets you auto-invites for stuff other classes get auto-declines for–especially around the 20 and higher range. Honestly, I’d rather just log out than queue for groups that are not going to time–and quite often you know pretty quickly if you are going to get the invite or not. Other times you wait ten minutes and then they invite you. Anyhow, such information as ilevel and scores of ALL in the group before you queue would be very helpful.

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I think this post should be in dungeons, raid etc section, but I’m still going to answer here.

The short answer, without an addon/weakaura there is no way to know what the other party members IO/ilvl will be until you join the group. I hate it, but that is the way it has been. Even if you could see it, it’s still not the best indicator of whether or not a player will be good at their class or not. The only way to know for sure is to check them out on the raider io site, and if you are REALLY worried about them you can see if they have logs posted. All of this takes time, and when you join a pug (especially as a healer) you are probably getting insta-summoned and everyone is ready to attack (or somebody afked waiting for a healer and is just gone forever haha). Even then, unless you are looking at their logs you are still rolling the dice with good io/ilvl (may have been carried). I feel for you, you are right on the cusp of where there is a lot less of that (right around 22 is when people are generally more able to carry their weight, not that it doesn’ happen lower but you catch my drift).

I’m surprised you are getting declined as disc though, I’ve seen a lot of people recently trying to re-roll to disc (I’ve seen a lot of baddies which may be why). They just don’t know what they are missing! Disc owns right now

Yeah, it’s good. But I still see groups listing with the heading “Hpal.”

Honestly though, disc kind of scales with the skill of the group, more so than holy, and I think most healers. This makes it even more important to bail on groups with carries, lack of skill, and low numbers like damage–often for which gear is a limiting factor.

Also, if that one guy is always getting hit, over time it kills your damage, healing and score numbers. This ends up coming in play when people look you up on logs but also in terms of your rewards for the key (if you dont time). What I mean is you have to always spot heal them and/or blow your good number spells like Dark Reprimand on them, which ultimately kills your parses, not to mention your mana because such spells (and windows) are where you pump healing, damage and if effective, allow you to use less mana.

It’s really hard to climb once you reach the 20 or so level unless you are meta (moreso later on in a patch). If you are meta, H Paladin now, then you can climb fast, steadily and unhindered. In fact, the difference in the number of invites you get for your gear and ilevel really really drop the higher you go unless you are S tier. Even A tier really feels it. That is my experience. I think the only way around the problem is to actually play meta, and then get a really high score on it, and then swap out to non-meta. The score you get on your main makes a huge difference in the end.

In my case, I have five (nuts, I know) priests I heal keys on. I will queue on my main and after a few declines (for higher keys there are already fewer of them on offer), I simply switch out to a lower toon and get the invite to a lower key. Waiting in queues and (not that importantly, but just the same) to boot while your flask, food and rune buffs are wasting away kind of bites vs actually playing the game.

I guess that’s all fair haha, I found a couple gamers in LFG (I started pushing queueing with my tank friend) and now we’re a pretty steady group so I don’t pug very often. I was speaking from the 16-20 range when playing my ret pala i see a lot of priest healers get taken (a lot of hpriests as of late!)

I also get what you mean about good vs bad groups. I pugged a 20 BH and we got murdered by the first boss, I told them to stop kicking heal (they were all holding kicks for it) and I’d purge, but they kept not kicking earth bolt, which then made it near impossible to get out of bleed range or they get killed while me and tank were cc’ed. For reference, the 25 Neltharus I did last night felt easier than that 20 pug haha.

And yes, you are crazy to heal on 5 priests :wink: haha jkjk. I like to get rejected to keys i’ve already 3 chested on my ret when I’m not pushing score.

Yeah, I have people and groups and friends on my f list for that. It is nice to do 5 or something keys in a row in voice and bang them out really fast. I did that on a few of my priests this week and it took no time to do them vs queueing, checking, dropping group, requeing, etc etc. Sadly none of them push into the 20s.

On my main I have wanted to get 20s done on two dungeons so that I’d have done all 20s both Tyrannical and Fortified and have queued multiple times for them only to get declined even though it is bursting where Mass Dispel is nice, my gear level is almost 447, almost full sockets, max enchants, and given I have loads and loads of experience, and have healed and timed twenty six over 20s, and seventy four 15-19s and that does not include the hundreds on my alts. Honestly, I dont get why these groups are holding out for that one holy paladin for only a 20. You’d think some of them think they are doing a 29. I dunno, but when the carry or two are in the group or the whole group looks trash, I get tempted to just do it, but I dunno.

Like sometimes you can just tell right away the key is going to be a success with flying colors. Other groups, it can be extremely variable. And you get the one guy in the group who calls someone out and then the guy simply leaves, and even though you would have timed. I dunno. Pugging really bites, but the only real way around it if you want to do high keys is to play meta. You do it and people add you to their f list and then hit you up as soon as you log on.

in the end, I’d probablly have done all 23s by now if I had patience waiting in queues. But if there was some way to tell if the whole group looked up to the task vs just the keyholder it would be a REAL timesaver. You could just queue for what looks good vs queuing, waiting, etc. I dunno.