M+ Cryptic Hero Title Score Updated Daily

In this post, we’ll update the score required to earn the Cryptic Hero title for Shadowlands Season 3. As a reminder, the title will go to all players who end Shadowlands Mythic+ Season 3 with a Mythic+ Rating in the top 0.1% in each region.

Updated August 1

In this region, if Season 3 ended today, the title would go to those who scored at least:


Good luck!


Thanks so much, totally not inflated by destro/surv hunters! /s


There was nothing stopping you from playing destro or surv except you :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:


My Lock main is 3100, so yeah there was nothing stopping me, except principals i suppose. It’s busted AF


Amount of DPS specs which will reward 5 or fewer titles in this region: 18 out of 24.

Windwalker will reward 89.
Survival will reward 177.
Destro will reward 205.


I don’t know if you would know this but… has there been any consideration of making this by class instead? That way people do not feel punished by Making the “wrong” choice on the character selection screen, and instead can showcase their mastery with that choice instead.

Maybe that wouldn’t change the numbers as much as I’m thinking (simply from people re-rolling to meta characters), or perhaps it would stop people from re-rolling and instead encourage mastery of what they want to play instead.

Just curious.


Glad I pushed 3200 as an arms war.

There were only like 25 others in the US.

Never played lock or hunter in 18 years, I boosted two and got 3k each within 2 weeks. Hit 2900 on the hunter with a 261 ilvl. The second I started playing the hunter and lock I stopped even trying to push higher on the war because of how easy it was on the other two. Lost all motivation on the war.

Hit 3k on a prot pally too. Super cringe easy.

Congratulations advance to all the title achievers.

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Was on an Alt when I posted I guess

Believe it or not, there are 559 warriors in the US at 3200, strictly based on their rating as Arms. You’d have to be in the top 17 right now as a warrior (top 10 as strictly arms) to be in that top .1%, as of the current moment anyway.

Only 2 Demo locks look to be getting that title. I’m all about rewards and the work to justify it but having to do 28s just to be in the top 3 demo locks to get a silly title that thankfully I don’t even like is ridiculous.

Yea, totally tainted. Blizz slept on balance so hard. Can’t wait to see the breakdown of specs that got the title, I’m sure we will all be shocked lol



This is amazing.

“But we are an e-sports company!”

What a joke. I’m betting tanks and healers look even worse.


Pride. Pride is the word you are looking for.

Check it out.


Why even bother with class balance? Us lazy players just need to learn to reroll every patch.


It’s easier than sitting around complaining on forums sitting on a pile of wishful thinking, let’s be honest. It’s part of the game design now and a way to get players to engage in “more time played metrics” by keeping 1 healer 1 dps and 1 tank class significantly more strong. They rotate the most “OP” one each season and make a weaker one OP?

Why? It’s not class balance. It has to do with token sales. They see what is the most under represented classes and make them the best the next season. Why? They know the whales will sink many tokens into gearing up / catching up to play the end game content.

Most people think it’s just bad class balance / design but it’s not. It’s targeted design with predatory intentions meant to get players to spend gold on new leggos, boosts, etc.

There will always, i repeat, always be a new OP class in every season or every other season for this reason.

If you think it’s impossible after 20 years for them to be able to obtain class balance it’s pure naivity. They could incredibly and easily homogenize all classes damage with a few simple back end scripts.


Alright, I’m gonna do a class breakdown. Obviously by the time the season actually ends, these numbers will be different; this is just for today, July 27th.

Warrior: 17
Paladin: 24
Death Knight: 112
Hunter: 181
Shaman: 71
Rogue: 67
Druid: 20
Monk: 123
Demon Hunter: 30
Mage: 40
Warlock: 214
Priest: 108



The following data may not be 100% accurate, depending on how raider . io handles people playing multiple roles, but at worst it should still be mostly accurate, since I don’t know how many people really play multiple roles at this high level.

Of the 112 DKs, 2 are DPS.
Of the 108 priests, 1 is DPS.
Not a single ret pally is getting this title. 11 of the 24 paladins are healers.
Of the 17 warriors, 6 are tanks.
Of the 71 shamans, 7 are DPS.
Of the 20 druids, 5 are tanks, and 2 are DPS.
Of the 123 monks, there is 1 healer. (There’s 30 tanks, which is a lot more than I expected)
Demon Hunters are evenly split, with 15 of each spec.

For tanks, there are 110 DKs, 6 warriors, 5 druids, 30 monks, 13 paladins, and 15 Demon Hunters.

For healers, there are 107 priests, 1 monk, 13 druids, 64 shamans, and 11 paladins.


Uglier than I thought…there is nothing that even approaches the definition of “balance”.