M+ Anima Powers for Disc Priests

I’ve run about 20 m+ where there were anima powers and have been taking powers that seem good, but I am far from sure if I am doing it right.

The eat fast anima power totally rocks for disc priest. But I’m not sure about the others. I’ve been taking the one that gives mastery or crit if you are over 70% health. I have also been taking the one that boosts the healing on yourself.

Again, I am far from sure if these are the best to go with. There is one with haste, and I have not taken it. But maybe it is good…

Any thoughts anyone? What is your experience with them?

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Ice boss:
Eat fast/Movespeed. Eat fast only really if you have mage food and mana problems, it still kinda sucks on regular food…

Fire boss:
Haste buff or Bottle of Sanguine. Haste is very good and the damage is very easy to heal on yourself. Bottle you need to stand in melee for but it’s pretty good damage/healing.

Big Trashcan Man:
Health shield or self-healing increase. Both are really strong on Disc.

Fear boy:
Chalice or the Alembic. Neither Mastery or Crit is valuable enough over the huge mana efficiency gain of the other two.

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Other than mastery or crit being better than the mana one, I agree. As for mastery and crit, I have been taking that one twice. I think both stats or either are good in harder content. As for the mana refund one, I find it very annoying and disruptive to gameplay to have to chase around after the mana orbs that spawn. This is because the healing can be intense and you also want to maximize your damage if you are going to time harder content. Hence chasing around takes time away from both. If you can eat fast, I find mana issues to no longer exist.

I’m not sure if you care, but I watch Moadmoad stream if he plays his priest. He seems to be in agreement about the mana orbs (that they are a hassle). He also takes the haste one as you recommend–which I have not done yet. I don’t like the idea of my health ticking down because it means having to self heal. I have been working hard at minimizing my overhealing and limiting atonement going out (while maximizing my damage). Sins of the Many dictates you want to less atonement out if you are going to maximize your damage. That said, I do realize the haste is going to be a big plus, but was just wondering if the tradeoff was worth it.

If you find mana orbs a hassle, then take Alembic - you can literally just move during your penance casts and get decent enough healing for it to be worth it over 200 crit.

As far as the haste/burn power, the burn is incredibly easy to heal. Like barely ever need to care about it levels of damage. But if you’re still concerned, the bottle is also very good and has a decent proc rate, it’s only problem is you have to stand kinda near the mobs. Nothing really wrong with either power.

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Thanks for your thoughts. Much appreciated! :smiley:

Are you healing holy this week? I have done some fourteens as disc, despite it being grievous. Gonna try for at least 3 15s once I have 236s in most slots–hopefully within a day or two.

I always heal grievous as holy. Any other week I’d play Disc. It’s not impossible, but I just really don’t like doing it.

The powers I pretty much have taken every time as Disc or Holy has been Mana Orbs, Sanguine Ichor, Movespeed buff, and the 20% shield.

KSM Was quite easy this time around, these powers worked great for me.

Most of my keys were done as holy, though. I did a couple as Disc and they were okay. Flash Concentration just let me turn off my brain.

Those mana orbs man. My experience with them has been mixed. All I’ve seen them best for are relatively good groups where the group does not take a lot of damage but they won’t let you drink. When the group is “monkeys” and you are spamming healing nonstop it is extremely frustrating to have to chase around to collect the balls. The problem is you lose both healing and damage time.

As for Sanguine Ichor, it seems to be reasonably good, but I am not sure. Has anyone done any theory crafting on this? The crit/mastery one I find really attractive because you don’t really have to alter your gameplay for it. Whereas with Sanguine Ichor, don’t you have to have people in range? I mean moving with penance is totally doable but sometimes it is not–like on the second boss at PF. Also, if you are shadow mend spamming- you can’t really move and if penance is on CD, it is not ideal. What I mean to say is, you can’t always move when you want to or are already moving a lot to avoid damage or whatever–so being forced to move sometimes is a problem. Mind you, it is relatively minor vs. how much you are forced to move for mana orbs if the healing is intense.

I also like “Self-Embalming Kit” which increases your self healing by 50%. I mean, you already have your eyes on health bars, and a shadow mend or shield here or there is nothing to cast.

I use it for damage rather than healing. Any healing I get from it is a nice bonus. Depending on what dungeon/trash/number of mobs it can be anywhere from 6% to 12% of my damage done by the end of a run. It’s a lot. The healing is quite nice as long as people are near you though.

As for the stats, I run a heavy haste/versatility build because I’d rather not just get one shot by some random garbage that isn’t kicked or isn’t avoidable. The damage and healing bonus is nice enough as well as the tankiness that I’d rather just always run haste versa. Because of this I dont really worry about the stat power. On top of that if I have to reposition I’d rather just have 30% bonus movespeed baseline and it’s an amazing utility for the group as well.

Self-embalming kit is quite good, but like I said I’m more worried about putting out as much damage as I can and keeping other people alive. Making myself as tanky as possible this versatility and the 20% HP Shield so I can worry about four people rather than five makes my life a lot easier.

As for the mana orbs, if I am ever in a situation where I’m like “I NEED mana NOW.” I will save that movement for penance, solace, or rapture if it’s up and necessary.