M+ affixes rework idea

Get rid of all these affixes

Bring back every single seasonal affix and also make new ones every season

rotate the seasonal affixes weekly

give us rating for each seperate seasonal affix instead of just tyran and fort now ( tyran and fort doesnt have to exist or it could but then amount of seasonals rotating would have to be limited too )

each week would be so much different than previous and balance between affixes wont be as big of a deal since we get rating of each affix specifically


I have a better idea.
Lets scrap completely the speedrun strategy. Bring back community and talking and planning. Make the chests tied to death score. No deaths, perfect score, 1-5 deaths, 2 chests, 6 to 10 deaths 1 chest, more is no chest.
IT even brings a bit back the HARDCORE feeling that Death has weight.


This is G-Fuel in text format.

Oh-kay, invent a time machine and do something to change the way folks have been running dungeons going as far back as Wrath in terms of PUGs and if you wanna prevent organized groups from doing it…

Ya’ gotta stop those folks doing the Dire Maul runs for those chests

Folks have been doing this since vanilla … you ain’t changing the fact that people like to push hard and see how fast one can go


Ya you didn’t get my meaning at all.
Last attempt because I don’t want to spend time discussing something obvious.
Currently Mythic+ are gated by how fast you perform them to obtain loot. Literally, if you take too long, you don’t get loot, and if you perform them super fast, you get extra loot.
This is terrible, obviously. It absolutely kills planning, incentivizes individualism, and puts even further pressure on the tank. Let alone not one peep during a GROUP activity.
So better bring back the feeling of Classic hardcore. Death has weight. Death ruins group, so play smart, plan carefully, discuss strategies. Make the loot related to death count. You can still run it at blistering speeed if that is your take, the benefit is that you will run more Mythics+ than others in a certain allotted time and therefore better geared.


So… you want them to remove affixes to then add in seasonal affixes so we have affixes and then rotate seasonal affixes weekly so each season is a single week long

… that’s what you are suggesting? Because if it ain’t, I don’t get what you are suggesting

So… you want people to get a score based off of weekly affixes that aren’t the same ones as before except on a rotation that would take months to get through before you could get another chance at getting score for one particular affix again … so you want folks to be punished exceedingly harshly if one decides to not do a lot (since we still have each dungeon) of M+ every single week

This edit you made doesn’t add anything but seems to make it worse, since then it genuinely seems like you want weekly affixes that punishes people harshly with month long disadvantages if you miss a single week

No, your idea is not good

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Death has a ton of weight in current m+.


it would currently take 9 week roation. less than the rotation now.

there have been 9 seasonal affixes.

and the point is theres only 1 weekly affixes but its more impactful and fun.

Death has 0 weight in M+ if you have a battle rez.

And death has no weight in your idea if you just stack tanks/healers/hard cc.

Because it will just be impossible to die.

Look we can sit here and discuss obvious banalities.
Point is speedrun makes for very poor community and feeling of isolation. You don’t talk in M+, nobody does. I talk all the time in Classic Hardcore.
Simple and to the point.


Ive been doing m+ all day and talking.

I must be playing wrong.


Yeah you don’t. In a guild group? sure why not. But Pugging keys? Thats just a hello and goodbye and you would be absolutely lying if you think anyone is taking precious seconds to type a conversation in a literal speedrun gambit. Just think a bit. My concept is not hard to grasp.


use discord

You are telling me what I do and dont do.

No thanks.


In other words, the better you perform the better your rewards are - in general, and you say that this is terrible because … ?

… there’s so many faults with this;

  1. You can pre-plan
  2. This level of planning is seriously unnecessary for PUGs (as current M+ clearly and easily demonstrates)
  3. “Incentivizes individualism” doesn’t mean anything as you still have to work together as a group even if yes you have to personally know how to play your own character yes
  4. The smaller the group, the more pressure on key roles which usually means the tank yes … which is kinda the point of tanking, people who like to control the group and pace tend to love to tank for this reason
  5. What you are suggesting has nothing to do with it being a group activity so that’s irrelevant

“Classic hardcore” has a very specific meaning and I’m sorry but even giving you the benefit of the doubt that you just put a foot in your mouth, you are still wrong since this behaviour existed and was VERY popular during vanilla

No one liked a 3-4 hour BRD run, folks could stomach a 1-2 hour one, and a 3 hour one was painful and you swore you would never play with those folks again until your guildmaster had another alt that “needed” an item

Furthermore, timing a M+ key is already more difficult to do if you die a lot because of how much resources you spend, time spent, and the death penalty you receive

Precisely nothing of what you said has any basis in reality and makes absolutely no sense, sorry

Pretty sure this is not the case.


Good, then get out of my posts. Why are you even wasting my time if your response is going to be “Bruuuuh i totally type conversations while running as fast as possible for maximum loot in m+” thats just such a dumb take.

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A month is roughly 5-6 weeks
You are saying that a single rotation in which you would even be able to get any decent amount of score would take a month and a half and that’s if you do it perfectly and don’t want to push for a higher score

No, your idea is not “less than the rotation now” - it is insanely long and the current rotation is literally 2 weeks

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All I said is I talk in groups, disagreeing with you.

You wanted to tell me what I do and dont do.