LVL 60 Frost Mage and LVL 28 Pally LF Guild

Hi all,

I am just getting back to the game after about a 2 month Hiatus. My mage is my main and has MC experience (have not done BWL since about 15 years ago :slight_smile:

My pally is ret; may stay that way or be a healer at 60.

I was in Kin and they are really good people; but unfortunately I cannot make their raid times. I am looking for a guild that raids preferably after 8:30/9PM. Feel free to send Jeregoro or Michelbolton some in game mail :slight_smile:


The Bortherhood raids ZG on Tuesdays and BWL/MC/ONY on Saturdays at 8:30. Will be doing AQ twice a week on Sat. and Sun. Just hit up Tator for an invite or you can do a /who brotherhood to see who is on. They are actively recruiting now i think.