Lvl 60 for Love Rocket?

What? No way! Come on Blizz follow your example of the past. Previous XPAC cap+

Front page, my dude.

The big Love rocket is only a myth, like IRL true love.
I will never have it: even if i farm it since 2009 in case it may drop (lol).

What a new and interesting topic. Surely this hasnt been discussed yet.

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Guys how is anyone doing the love rocket? The event hasn’t started yet??? Around 12ish hours to go isn’t it?

The Love is in the Air world event starts tomorrow morning at 10:00am Pacific Time on all North America realms.

Good luck to everyone on obtaining the Big Love Rocket this year! I’m hoping to get it myself finally.


you’ve never had a warm slice of garlic bread that’s just a little too garlicky?