<Lunacy> 10/10H 3/10 Mythic SoD LF Raiders for MYTHIC ! Tue/Th 830-1130pm EST!

We are a two night a week Mythic raiding Guild on Thrall. We enjoy a semi-hardcore atmosphere with a good progression level. 21+ age we have a pretty active if small roster. Our plan is to keep a tight knit roster of 25 with rotation and backups in case of callouts. The group enjoys Mythic Plus, Battlegrounds, and Raiding primarily. We host M+ alts on off nights well as main runs for Mythic Plus and various levels of raiding. Below is our current progression and raid needs. If you are interested please apply with the form or add us.
The form will get you a faster response

Raid Nights: Tuesday and Thursday 830-1130PM server time. All times are in EST.
Currently we are 10/10H 3/10 Mythic
Recruitment Needs: exceptional players anyone who wants to progress !

Please contact an officer using there Battle.net tag: Goombastomp#11208,Kuroii#1271

bump 11! fk

Looking for 1 core tank 3 Healers (paladin Priest etc.) Ranged DPS (warlocks boomies, Hunters Ele Shaman etc. ! All core spots since we are currently reforming to get back into mythic as soon as possible

Would you be able to message me on discord so we can discuss I am a Hpally and have a spriest friend coming back from a break in wow , add me tipsy#9309

BUMP! We got spots for 2 MORE Healers and RangedDPS(warlocks hunters boomies ) !

BUMP AGAIN STILL HAVE 2 CORE HEALER SPOTS (PRIEST PALADIN ETC) Ranged DPS(warlocks,boomkin,hunters) ! Possibly warrior and WW spot available also !

bumping again ! 1 core healer spot (any healer) Ranged DPS Warlocks, Boomkins, Hunter Possible melee DPS DK/WW

Bumping still looking for 1 core healer spot / ranged dps core ranged DPS need warlocks / boomkins melee dps dk ww

Bumping just looking for ranged DPS now warlocks / boomkins with maybe one or two DPS slots WW and DK

Still looking for Ranged DPS Slots Boomkins/Hunter/Warlock etc. And we also have Melee spots open with WW and DK preferred !! these are for filling out our roster so we can finish out Heroic and get into mythic ASAP !

Bumping need RDPS ( warlock/boomkin) MDPS (WW/DK,Warrior) still recruiting to fill out mythic roster!

Bumping need warlocks/ 1 Boomkins 1 hunter and a WW dps to fill out mythic rosters

bump still looking for warlocks / Boomkins / WW DPS

Bumping again 2 healer spots open Paladin / any other healer! Ranged DPS warlocks/boomkin and one WW spot open

Bumping in need of Warlocks / Boomkin and Melee dps Rogue/WW ! So we can start filling out our mythic roster to get into MYTHIC !

Bumpping still need warlocks Ranged dps and melee dps !

Bumping This thread ! still need warlocks / hunters / boomkin / ranged DPS and Melee dps Rogue / dk to get to 20 to push into mythic !

just looking for 2 DPS Warlock main priority Boomkin or any other ranged DPS

bump need 2 dps / 1 healer

need 2 ranged dps and 1 healer you can be a complete newbie to disc priest and we can teach you how to play if youd’ like!