Lumaster 60 Tauren Druid. NINJA

Lumaster 60 Tauren Druid, currently guildless. Ninja’d Foror’s Compendium of Dragon Slaying. Need’ed,Hearthed,Logged Off. NOT TO BE TRUSTED

He knew what he did was wrong, did the old vanilla ninja routine… what rules did he break? none… its BoE epic quest for Warriors. what he did do was the equivalence of a DOGS etiquette. IF YOU VALUE YOUR SOCIAL INTERACTION AND CARE ABOUT YOUR FUTURE DUNGEON RUNS STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCUMBAG.

I hope the Warrior who buys this gets it cheap, I hope Lumaster finds himself with alot less group invites AND im beyond thankful that majority of the community respect Needing before Greeding… especially on BoE Quest Items.