Lua issue with soulbinding

Did you hit 60? Otherwise that is a good bug.

Yea, hit 60 and finished all of the zone chapters.

Same bug prevents use of mission table, torghast anima power selection, legendary construction.

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yes it seems most things that bring up a special window are broken with Lua Errors.

Joy. I feel stuck on all my toons right now. Really can’t even queue for a dungeon at the moment.

Have had the issue since yesterday w. the soudbind, Campaign died there

If you exit the WoW client and update it via the App, it should prompt an update to build 35432 which looks to have cleared up most/all of these problems. Apologies for the delay!


Zorbrix, I actually got kicked from the game to upload the patch :smiley:

Of course this happens about 2 minutes after a person linked me a macro to fix the issue, but still pleased at the speed that you guys fixed this. Thanks a bunch!

The kicking from the game part made me laugh.

Still happening on 35432 with my mission table, unfortunately. Can’t end the initial training mission there.

Yeah having the same issue with the mission table. But you can at least move on a bit. I was able to keep working on the Night Fae line.

Message: …zard_GarrisonUI\Blizzard_AdventuresRewardsScreen.lua:30: Usage: PlaySound(soundKitID, optional[“SFX”,“Music”,“Ambience”, “Dialog” or “Master”], [forceNoDuplicates, runFinishCallback])
Time: Sat Aug 8 18:44:17 2020
Count: 5
Stack: …zard_GarrisonUI\Blizzard_AdventuresRewardsScreen.lua:30: Usage: PlaySound(soundKitID, optional[“SFX”,“Music”,“Ambience”, “Dialog” or “Master”], [forceNoDuplicates, runFinishCallback])
[string “=[C]”]: in function PlaySound' [string "@Interface\AddOns\Blizzard_GarrisonUI\Blizzard_AdventuresRewardsScreen.lua"]:30: in function ShowAdventureVictoryStateScreen’
[string “@Interface\AddOns\Blizzard_GarrisonUI\Blizzard_AdventuresCompleteScreen.lua”]:398: in function FinishReplay' [string "@Interface\AddOns\Blizzard_GarrisonUI\Blizzard_AdventuresCompleteScreen.lua"]:419: in function SkipToTheEndOfMission’
[string “@Interface\AddOns\Blizzard_GarrisonUI\Blizzard_AdventuresCompleteScreen.lua”]:17: in function <…ard_GarrisonUI\Blizzard_AdventuresCompleteScreen.lua:8>

Locals: (*temporary) = nil

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Awesome, but when will copying my DH not fail? ><

I have the same error with the Night Fae scouting table. I did finish joining the covenant as well.

I deleted all addons, and everything in the wtf folder, and even tried Scan and Repair and it still persists. I even tried turning off the sound, since I thought maybe that would not make it try to play a sound, which is what the error implies is causing the issue.

The scouting table issue wasn’t resolved. You can start the first mission, but you cannot finish it currently.

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You can use the the currently broken UIs by disabling the PlaySound functionality before using them.
I use the following 2 macros:

Disable PlaySound
/script _PlaySound=PlaySound; PlaySound=function() return end

Enable PlaySound
/script PlaySound=_PlaySound

You can go further to make the first one re-usable, so that it doesn’t replace _PlaySound with an empty function call, but as this is temporary it’s not worth it.

These will let you use the mission adventure board, soulbinds, and covenant selection UIs without error, but it will disable all sound effects from UI interactions until you run the 2nd macro.

Yep. Not been able to complete the initial mission, as it just continues to pop up the errors.

Still not fixed for Mission table with new build, but the interface sound macros at least let it work for now. (sorta never mind – still showing the build 35432 on my launcher, so haven’t gotten the new build yet, I guess.)

Yes I had problems with every mission that completed today, so they are just sitting there.

I can’t log out after disabling the sound using this and then enabling it using the command you have. It worked to clear the table but this is a worse problem.

x ing out clears it though but you might want to check your command

Same issue, the macro worked, but I get the can’t log out error. Also, the Dispose of the Detritus mission completes gives reward and then reappears. I also can’t advance the Fey Covenant story line.

You can just type /logout or /reload, then the issue is resolved.