Loyal Beyond Blood, Loyalty Beyond Blood (Stormrage) LF Players

Loyal Beyond Blood and Loyalty Beyond Blood (18+) are a multi-server guild (both alliance and horde) that were started back on January 2022. In a short span of time, we have grown to a total of 5 servers.
We are recruiting here for our “Stormrage” server, which currently has 2 guilds. Yes, we are large in size, but unlike most very large guilds, we find out your personal interests in the game from the start and get you involved, so that you make friends and feel like you have found a home. This guild does everything, and has many different types of players. The guild raids, does Mythic + (low to high keys- They also teach Mythic + if you need to learn how to do keystones), PVP (BGs, Arenas), Old Content runs for mounts/transmogs, and fun guild special Events.
Currently for raiding we have a “Casual” team that runs on Th/F 7-10pm est. This team has currently gotten AOTC 2x for some of our raiders. A second team will be starting soon and they are planning for Sat./Sun. evening (times are not set as yet), and they are planning to be a more “Semi” team.
Our members are very friendly and want to meet you, so if you would like more info/invite contact “Laruin” on Loyal or my alt “Azna” on Loyalty. You may also apply to either guild through guild finder.

Update: Our Sat/Sun “Semi” raid team is running 9-12am est. Both our casual and semi teams can use more dps and both teams are currently running fated heroic raids, so if you care to run w/ either team, please have at minimum 265 ilvl to receive 291 gear.

Update: Our “Enigma” (casual progressive) raid team Th/F 7-10pm is regrouping. Can use tanks, healers, & more dps (both melee and ranged (including ranged hunters).

Update: We are consolidating our Enigma team into our Starfleet team and forming 1 group for now. “Starfleet” will also be moving their raid days to weekdays and start and end times earlier. Will update w/ days and times when definitively known here.

Update: The new “Starfleet” raid days and times will be Wed/Thurs. 7-10pm est. The raid leader is LF a reliable Warlock for the team.

Update: Our Raid Lead had some RL stuff to attend to, so we have to regroup our team and look for a new Raid Lead for fated heroic runs. Since he was main tank, will need a new tank, some healers, and a few dps to reform the weekday group. We currently have openings for Raid Leads and PVP Leads in our officer roles. If that is something any of you have had an interest in.