Lower Kara tuning- that's it?!?

I assume you just forgot to post the rest of the nerfs? The Moroes bleed only lasts a minute? One trash mob nerfed? THAT’S your solution?!? Nothing on Maiden or Attumen?
Long way to go…


I’m honestly very surprised Maiden didn’t get hit even harder, even though those Moroes nerfs are absolutely enormous (and the Opera bosses’ nerfs are also quite massive).

That boss is almost universally accepted to be the true roadblock boss in high Lower keys.

What do you mean “Thats it”? Those are big nerfs. Throw Coin was pretty much the only deadly trash mob in the entire dungeon and not it’s completely disabled. Maiden was already nerfed. People just need to know how to play their class and learn their DPS rotation. Planning out CDs is part of group play.


the only deadly trash mob ON TYRANNICAL. On Fort half the dungeon will be. Those are good nerfs but it’s just a start. It needs a lot more.


Not everything needs to be a cake walk. We are week 1 into the season without any vault loot. Things should hurt right now.


Just wait till tomorrow with sanguine and extra damage from grievous

ill take it.

i mean it’s a quick first pass confirmed during week1… cant ask for much more.

also happy they nerfing surv and destro a bit more. i thought theyd be on maintenance mode not caring at all until DF tbh.

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it feels 5+ key levels higher than other dungeons and that’s confirmed by what people have done as posted on raiderio. There’s a reason people are timing 28 streets and only 23 lower.


The trash in Kara (both wings) felt absolutely brutal especially considering it isn’t a fortified week. Nerfing flame wreathe damage seems dumb when I think the bigger issue is how annoyingly long it lasts and the fact it procs from players dying. I’d keep the damage and just reduce the duration it lasts and not let deaths trigger it. Nerfing the buff Moroes gives his guests is absolutely warranted too. I’m on the fence that Curator need to calm the frick down on his add spawns. Curious to see where the big demon is going to end up being in Upper though my guess is it’ll be one of the worms before Curator so he’s not skippable and makes those pulls hell (especially combined with Curator patting back and forth too).

GD nerfs are meh. The only thing I found kinda unfair was the last boss doing such massive damage on an untelegraphed and unavoidable attack. Either the spots should be telegraphed or the strafing breath shouldn’t do damage which doesn’t make sense. I would change her to use her trap more frequently and her traps not despawn and squares where her traps are (maybe even surrounding squares) are electrified so players can opt to zerg her down or clear traps to they only eat the breath hit and don’t have to deal with too much electrified floor.

I’m not sure the dungeon needs to get gutted. Its bad. The bugs especially, but once everyone knows the mechanics and is on their toes, its infinitely easier. I think people just wanted to faceroll on day one, and some nerfs are needed, but it feels as difficult and unforgiving as it was in Legion.

More please. A lot more needs to be nerfed. Mob’s health across the board needs to go down. Nerf maiden shield further. Nerf maiden’s DOT or shorten it more.

Disagree, its terrible and overtuned. You make one or two mistakes the run is over. GG. Just leave. Its unforgiving right now and utterly brutal. No amount of knowledge of lower kara can possibly prevent a long run back after wiping on a boss and the run being killed on the spot. Even healers are having a very hard time keeping everyone alive on Moroe and maiden’s dots.


I’ll be real with ya, chief. I healed a +15 and the trash was a joke. Tyrannical bosses, however, I complained… A lot.

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People are timing 28 yard because ZAP is incredibly powerful

And 28 Streets bc Gluttony, Mailmental Dome, Myza’s Oasis buff, etc


Out of 4 Lower Kara runs, 2 failed from every. single. person. (besides myself) dying to 4x Ushers doing Flashlight at the same time. After the wipes, people left, making the runs over. Oh, and this was WITH warnings multiple times prior to getting there. Oh, and this was only on +2…

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You ever tell a pug group “Save your CD’s for…” and than all of a sudden they are pulling 30K DPS on pull and someone has popped lust, yeh, it hurts.

I mean, its definitely difficult. Those dots have been ripping through people. After a few runs, I think our healer decided they don’t have time to dps like they would for the entirety of BfA and SL, and there were difficult mechanics meant for the healer to overcome. After that it wasn’t so bad. But, I am not saying nerfs weren’t needed. I am just saying I don’t think the dungeon should be completely gutted. We need to see how the dungeon goes with the current nerfs first.

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Why do you assume all pugs are selfish and can’t work as a team? They can and they do.

They are probably waiting for a the metrics from Fort week to do anything else.

TBH the bigger issue I have with this place is that if you wipe, the run back takes several minutes and could legit kill your key. They need to add forward spawn points like in other SL dungeons so you can actually get another attempt at something and still have a chance on timing it.


There’s shortcut that reduces the runback by like 80%