Low level quests no longer trackable?

With the changes made with the pre-patch to the UI - I can not seem to find a way to make low-level quests show up when I simply want to complete entire zones/side quests after the fact. This is a little frustrating as it makes it far more difficult. Might I suggest putting that as an option under the options - gameplay? Please and thank you.

If there is a place to turn that on and off currently and I have not found it, I would appreciate directions on where to find it!

It’s turned on & off via the minimap tracking menu. I think low level quest tracking should be on the menu, but if it isn’t there are a couple ways to restore all the tracking options.

I just checked, and it does look like it’s in the tracking menu by default. (It’s the “trivial quests” option.)

They changed the tracking icon and moved it a bit. It’s now attached to the zone name, and is a pair of binoculars. (I had to get close to my screen to make out that they were supposed to be binoculars. They kind of looked like shoes or something to me at first.)

I do not see a mini map tracking system any more.

It’s the tiny icon on the left side of the bar above the minimap. I’m assuming you’re not using any addons that change the minimap appearance.

Thank you, kindly! I found it. Still, I believe they should make it MUCH more visible or have another option in the options menu to turn it on. Thanks guys!