Low FPS gameplay

I have low FPS, average 30.
my computer specs are:
HUAWEI Matebook D.
I7-7500U, HD620 & Geforce 940MX

I tried removing driver, installing OEM, tried installing latest driver from Nvidia, same FPS.

It seems it doesn’t matter what settings i put graphic at, fps will not drop when i change from low to mid graphic settings.

Same thing happened to me. and thats with running a ryzen 5 2400g with a rtx 2060 with 16g ram. so i dont know why it would be happening.

I got 3 FPS here. And this just started tonight. Last night I was able to play, tonight it’s so choppy its unplayable. Nothing on my end has changed one iota.

Same person as above, normal toon.

Exited the game, searched the net for frame rate fixes, realized I did all of them already. logged back in and boom 70 fps consistent. I didn’t change anything what so ever.