Low APM classes with great solo survivable in pvp and pve?

I’m looking into Rogues atm but not 100% sure

Rogue is definitely not low APM

Stay with Hunter


Was about to say, how can any dual wield spec be low APM

Are you just getting back into the game? Normally I’d suggest hunters because a pet makes a huge different in PVE solo content, but considering that’s the class you’re posting on I’m guessing it doesn’t interest you, anymore?

The armory hasn’t updated your talents, but the level squish has cleared them out if you weren’t aware. Grats on the Headless Horseman mount, by the way!

I can’t speak much on PVP content. If hunter doesn’t interest you, Paladins have some pretty good self heals while leveling up due to Word of Glory.

Assassination is low apm.


Demon Hunter reporting in!

What does DW have to do with the spec having high or low APM?

Hell it used to be that rogues were always low APM on the launch of an expansion until they get geared so they had decent energy regen.

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what are you going to survive against in solo pve?

Because 2 weapons is always going to have more Attacks Per Minute than 1 weapon! :wink: :wink:

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Your misunderstanding is APM stands for actions per minutes not (auto)attacks per minute.

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And? That doesn’t effect the number of buttons the player has to press.

Your misunderstanding is there was no misunderstanding.

DH is too spammy and Hunters have high APM with enough haste and hurts my fingers/hands