Loving this event

Blizzard, ignore the folks who hate fun. This event has brought back memories of LOTRO PvMP which I loved back then, I hate PvP in this game now, but this? SPECTACULAR!

Blight the land, spread the infection, may the SCOURGE REIN SUPREME (until SL goes live).


Yup, I love it, too! It will only last for so long… so why not enjoy it? I’m thinking they will maybe do this around Halloween time? That would be awesome! :slight_smile:


I love fun, just my idea of fun is not 1 shotting lowbies, is not camping zone points is not preventing others from doing what they want to do for fun.


I was not camping as much as building my army :fist_left:t3:


I’m really going to love the event even more as it unfolds on Moon Guard
all of those poor poor little strippers in Goldshire. Sad that it will take some zombies to clean up the mess yet still satisfying


Them crying buckets full of tears only adds to the fun…


Unfortunately as of right now there are hardly any zombies to be seen. I found one lone zombie leaving SW and it was flagged for pvp so I couldn’t even attack it. I’m hoping its temporary but if its not we need to make our voices heard that this is going to ruin the event. We can’t let these cancel culture babies throw their tantrum and win again.


Thats cause every zombie in the area had a hate for me.

My issue is that there are a lot of people calling for the event to just be removed totally, and I would hate that. I missed the WOTLK invasion because I wasn’t playing at the time so I’m super excited for this one.

Devs have said time and time again feedback is appreciated, but only when constructive–saying “I hate this please remove it” isn’t helpful. To the people who have been making reasonable suggestions, thank you. I myself like the idea of safety bubbles around the quest givers and healers, zombies not being allowed in starting areas, and scaling the npc zombies (which I believe has already started on PTR?). Can’t say I’m totally sold on the player zombies being scaled because I feel like that would defeat the purpose. One solution to mitigate this would be like something similar to the Legion Dalaran sewers, where it’s free for all pvp but you can pay a small amount for a guard to protect you. Perhaps something like that can be implemented for low level players and people not wanting to participate?

I was the one who brought up Jeremy Feasel’s tweet about the event being cycling rather than constant, and I urge people to check out his feed. I’ve seen a lot of people ask for the event to be like the legion invasions, and I think that might be the goal. He did say a “revamped” version of the invasion from WOTLK prepatch, so I don’t expect it to exactly the same.


I know there is a healthy middle ground that the majority of the players who are not on the 2 extremes would have a fun engaging experience.

If Blizzard gets there is a completely different question.

If the zombies pose 0 threat it is not fun or meaning full, and will be a letdown for almost everyone, and after a lack luster 2 years of BFA everyone is due for some solid fun. ( as long as that fun is not making things miserable for others )

If players insta die trying to just do the initial quests in the city not even letting them progress to the expansion of there choice. There will eather need to be that opt out or the amount of yelling from the masses will have the event ether nerfed to the ground or completely cancelled just like wrath was.


I totally agree, I’d like to see a little danger, this is the restless scourge after all! Bolvar didn’t sit on that throne for the last ten years because the scourge without a leader were no big deal!

On the other hand, I don’t want people to be kept from doing the other stuff they’d like to do. If only we could throw all the people who just want to be zombies for the entire pre patch on their own little island and let them kill each other … and also I could visit for a short while for the fun and leave when I have to do my dailies.

My own problem is that it would feel weird similar to the Legion invasion. All of a sudden they just stop attacking for a few hours. Why? Did the scourge get tired? Need to take a nap? Atleast with the Legion we defeated their boss so they pulled their troops out to regroup. But the scourge is different, they are mindless undead. I could understand if there was a big bad in the back controlling the scourge and we defeated him, and then the scourge temporarily dispersed,not totally vanished into nothingness, until the next “commander” showed up. But I just prefer the waves to be a continuous thing. This event isn’t going to last forever. It may inconvenience some people. Some inconvenience is fine. Not everything needs to be perfect to please everyone.

I just hate this idea in general. Why should Blizzard have to cancel something because people are crying? Blizzard owns this game, not them. This entire mentality stinks. “If I complain loud enough and long enough changes WILL happen.” Unfortunately this is the mentality you create as soon as you cave once. Its like when you were a kid with your parents at the store. You asked them to buy you candy and they said no. You whined and cried and threw a fit trying to get them to give into your demands. Finally just to get you to stop they give in and buy you the candy you wanted. Now every time they take you to the store and you ask for candy, you know if they tell you no that all you have to do is the same thing again and you will get your way. But had they told you no in the first place, and stuck by it, eventually you would have learned that whining and crying won’t get you your way. Thats called good parenting. The same thing can be said here. This event won’t ruin the game for anyone. The worst that will happen is they will be frustrated for a few weeks and come back when its over. Anyone telling you that this is the only reason they will quit wow forever is lying to themselves and to you.

If your looking for the “constructive feedback” in all of that it can be summarized as this. Don’t ruin a temporary event because of whining. There are plenty of people that find this fun, just like the WotLK one. You, Blizzard, clearly want this to be an event in game. You cannot please everyone. Stop trying to please everyone. It doesn’t work that way. Some people will always be unhappy no matter what you do.


You’re a prime example of why they’re going to change it or end it early if they don’t. Thank you for saying what the others who share your opinion are dancing around.


Because his idea of fun doesn’t agree with yours? Boo hoo.

Its hilarious and sad at the same time how easily upset people are these days over every little thing. Some people are going to get laughs out of it at your expense. Welcome to the internet. If you can’t handle someone having fun in a different way than you maybe its time you took a break from the online world for awhile, it would probably do you some good.


Your ideas of fun involve other people not having fun at the expense of it. So yeah, because of that.

Boo hoo.


And your idea of fun means me not having fun, but thats ok to you for some reason.


Sure. That’s what this is all about. :roll_eyes:
[Insert brainlet meme]


To be fair your probably the biggest whiner in these threads, people keep trying to find middle ground and all you can clap back with is “MUH FUNZ! Don’t take my ability to troll lowbies!”


At least it’s good to see that his lousy opinion is in the minority around here. It’s really a back and forth of us asking for compromise, so we can do something other than deal with player zombies mucking that up, and like three or four people claiming that they’re entitled to our misery, because it’s “fun.”