Love the Rogue changes EXCEPT the Dragon Tempered Blades nerf

Blizzard, I’ve been waiting for Assassination rogues to get some MUCH NEEDED TLC from you. These changes are perfect and very fair EXCEPT the Dragon tempered blades change. Please, change your minds on the Dragon Tempered blades change. That is one of the main reasons I still LOVE assassination and I don’t want the unique, core feature of my class to be nerfed for all these other changes. Also, there is a lot of ways for most classes to remove my damage as an Assassination rogue. Now taking that into consideration plus the 30% negative to my poison applications, this is a CONSIDERABLE damage nerf.

Please get rid of the Dragon Tempered Blades change. Everything else is perfect! <3<3<3

Humble Assassination Rogue Main.


It is completely unneccassary was just about to post about this.


Instead of buffing Kingsbane they nerf the most popular talent…

Also I find i dont want to live without poison bomb and its sound effect. Allow us to choose poison bomb earlier in the tree.


What’s funny is you lose out on lethal dose damage because you can’t put crippling poison on a boss. 2% isn’t a huge amount but it is still 2%


… why not make Dragon Tempered Blades baseline?


Think of it this way though. Dragon tempered blades has a 30% reduction on poison application but envenom usage brings that 30% back so it’s a wash


Meaning we lost 30% application chance total from where we are now.


Dunno, I’m really into it. Not only does it level the playing field of capstones and their peripherals; we’ve gained an amazing amount of poison synergy elsewhere, most notably with how builds can be now comprised of, among other things, KB/DTB/Spatter. In fact, I’d be surprised if 30% application is all we lose from DTB.

Big picture, folks. This is a major and inventive buff across the board.


i dont think its that big of a nerf. Its quite reasonable for a must have talent.

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What other final talents have a negative effect on them? Sitting at 24% without envenom, with envenom bonus of 30% I am at 45% so it’s a bigger hit then you think.

Are there live Assa changes? I havent been paying attention - where are notes?

No. Just PTR stuff.

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