Love is in the Air Rewards – Level Requirement

The annual holiday, Love is in the Air, begins on February 12 and ends part way through the day on February 26. For this, we are applying a hotfix that makes it so only characters who are level 110 or higher will be eligible daily to receive the box that contains the most-rare items from this event’s bosses (for the last two years it’s been set to level 98). You will also see this reflected in the next official Hotfixes update post.

As a result of this, if you are hunting the Big Love Rocket you will want to get characters to at least level 110 for the event.

Good luck collection hunters!


is it still stupidly rare? You seem to be actively encouraging people to farm it on as many characters as possible which doesn’t strike me as a healthy gameplay habit to be encouraging.

I love mount hunting but I’m over chasing this thing every year. I always end up leveling at least one additional character every year to try to boost my odds and it never pays off.


But why have a minimum requirement at all?


The drop rate hasn’t changed. We are aware of how some people push to farm it and wanted to avoid anybody feeling like there was a stealth change while we keep the availability focused on more active play.


I really don’t want to be in there with just me plus 4 just created level 20 alts. The fight isn’t hard at all but it’s still not soloable for this event…probably.

There’s a minimum level because.


Given the scaling algorithm, some low-characters are absolute monsters in holiday dungeons. It gets weird.


Theres a first time for everything in not stealth changing stuff…

Even if its a stupid change…

Just let us buy the mount with the love tokens.


They want you to spend the rest of the expansion getting all your characters up to level 110 instead of playing end content.


They’re not “encouraging” what we all do for events with mount drops, they’re acknowledging that they know we do this. And letting us know beforehand, which is a good thing.

Kind of a overarching comment when we’re all playing a video game that some people play to excess normally. I level alts, lots of alts - keeps me busy and allows me to send some of them into events like this. It’s no different than everyday playing.


Dont give up fellow adventurer! I got mine a few years ago and about fell over when I jumped up from my office chair.

This is one of the few things left in the game that gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment when you finally get it! Good Luck!


It’s like going after the big lotto, 1 in X amount of millions to get that “big” win. There’s no feeling of pride and accomplishment in that and the same for getting any mount that makes you farm year after year for nothing.

Sure you feel great finally getting it and can brag to your friends the RNG favoured you in that moment.


Ok, well I kinda agree with you. Pride and accomplishment would be mostly the wrong way to describe it.

How about, I felt accomplished by not giving up and farming it day in and day out on multiple toons, every single year. When it dropped I was super excited, like i just won the Powerball lottery! Nothing beats whisking around azeroth on this pink beauty while everyone stares in shock and disbelief that it actually exists.

/deletes pride comment

If you don’t read subtext, sure. I’m in the most hardcore mount collecting community that exists in this game. This is the “white whale” for a lot of people and they go to absurd lengths in pursuit of it every year. I don’t do that anymore, but I can still see how bleak the mood is becoming as rocket season looms again.

This mount is kept artificially rare beyond the scope of similar holiday event mounts for “reasons”. Ask yourself why. Ask yourself why every year we hear “The drop rate has not changed.” it never will be. Blizzard wants its most dedicated to jump through hoops because they won’t care if the jump gets a little bit higher. It sells character boosts now. My fiance boosted a character last night purely because its an extra shot at the rocket.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the clarification up front on how the drop works. Because that is literally the first thing we would have made an effort to figure out is the minimum level required to pull the arm on the old RNG slot machine. But don’t kid yourself by saying this behavior isn’t encouraged. They can see the metrics. They know what people do in foolish pursuit of this thing. I see the worst of it every year. I WAS some of the worst of it the first year before they put the item in a daily box. My guild group performed over three thousand activations of the holiday boss that first year with me there for every single one.

We didn’t see a single drop. If you luck into getting it and fortune favors you, great. But I’d caution folks from driving themselves mad throwing 50 characters (or more, in some cases) per day at this only to leave disappointed. It’s not worth the prep work. It’s not worth ruining your February.

To hell with Love is in the Air.


What about for those who may be trying to LVL up a fresh toon during the event. This means they have to not LVL up (or stop LVLing up which ever you prefer) just to jup onto a LVL 110+ to be able to get the mount. Wouldnt it make more sense to allow anyone LVL 20+ to obtain it since at LVL 20 we can puchase the first ground mount speed so as those who may be LVLing up New(ish) toons still has a chance to get the mount?


As a proud owner of the love rocket I want to see this made much easier to get. This level 110 garbage is so arbitrary. If someone wants to farm it on a legion of alts let em. This is bad design. Period. Every one of these holiday bosses is already only able to be farmed for a limited time each year. Further limiting it for some made up, probably dumb reason isnt fun for anyone.


It’s something To Do. And if you don’t do it, you don’t have a chance at all.

Of course it’s a slot machine equivalency but it’s a once a year activity (unless you’re still headless-horseman-less).

Getting the love rocket will be nice but that’s not the point of our activity. It’s the same as chasing dungeon/raid mount drops forever and only gotten Onyxia’s. Drop rates don’t matter, it’s all about your luck.

Of course it’s frustrating and disappointing and all that but then we commiserate with each other and the game goes on.

Of course it’s a built in system for keeping you subbed or even buying boosts or whatever - so? That’s the name of the paid-subscription-mmorpg. Either you go along or don’t. It’s your choice.

Nothing to get mad about or accuse Blizzard of some kind of nefarious scheme to imprison us all in-game…this is how it’s been since the beginning.

Go with the event, have a little love in the air. =)


Does not compute. The context difference is important. The temporary nature of the event is the critical factor that makes this a more pressing matter for people who are into this kind of thing. Sha’s drop rate being abysmal is acceptable because he’s always there. If you get a new alt situated to take advantage at any point in time, you’re good. You have a better chance. Cut that down from 52 weeks to 2 weeks of the year. You create a frenzy.

I’m not unfamiliar with fighting bad odds. I’ve bashed my head against plenty of walls. Some of paid off. Some may never. None of them that I see are met with as much spite and hatred as the damn love rocket every year.


Limiting access to a certain level range of your players. For a limited time event, with an already low chance of dropping the item.

  • How does this fit in with your stated priority of making sure your players are having fun?
  • Or is this another case of the design team knowing what players want better than the players do?