Love is in the air mount

(Goblineer) #1

What level do you have to be to have chance at mount in the box?

(Minidecay) #2

(Goblineer) #3

is there a post on it saying this or is this a guess?

(Minidecay) #4

You want me to operate the Google machine for you?

(Goblineer) #5

thing i found says lvl 20 but posts inside it say 110 but post says 20…and my lvl 20s can Que for it and get box as well.

(Minidecay) #6

110+ will receive

which can contain the mount.

Below 110 you will receive

which cannot.

(Stompypotato) #7

It was upped this year to 110 I believe. Pretty sure their was a page on the main wow site about it.


There was blue post and they changed it to 110 on 02/12/2019:


  • The most-rare item containers from holiday bosses, such as Big Love Rocket, now drop for player characters at level 110 or higher (was level 98).

(Righteous) #9

There is a section up at the top of the forum.
You, like many people, probably never pay much attention to it.
You might give it try.

(Jessail) #10

This was answered in a sticky:

(Riverbeast) #11

Mount what Mount? You can’t win the anyting other than a necklace.

Don’t be fooled by these false rumors about a mount. It’s like the great pumpkin it doesn’t exist.

(Goblineer) #12

lol the last Holiday mount i need and i can finally stop farming