Lotus picking teleport hack, YouTube Video, time to find a new game?

Ignoring something real does not make it less real.


If you think Classic botting is bad, just take a tour in retail. There’s boomkin bots 24/7 farming the infinite hyperspawn quest states all over the game, with particular emphasis on Nazmir.

I remember the lawsuit against WoW Glider. Seems like those efforts are gone.


Retail botting is way less prevalent. Those druids farm raw gold. These botters are getting big ticket items that are crashing the economy.

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Guys please fix this. This is insane. And I have seen this already too.


You say so many dumb things in these forums. It’s startling.


See here: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/fix-flyteleport-hacking-now

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but black lotus isnt 20 gold yet like it was back in the day, we need more bots!

Yea but the thing with bot farming in instances is they reset there own instance and are locked to there own timers. It does not affect how much honest people can farm it.
With lotus teleport picking its competing against the honest players only resource choices.
If a small group of players can control that market your gonna see price control eventually, which means inflated lotus prices again.
With instance reset farming there is no set limit on how much can be farmed so the market gets flooded and the prices have to drop.

I am not sure why boosting was not nerfed until now to slow down the bots insane process of leveling up and then why is even flying allowed at Classic?

I am completely disheartened and i am not really looking forward to play that much Classic anymore ( i will probably check out the Shadowlands but if it is infested with bots as much as BFA then i will probably give up ).

World of Warcraft is no longer what we used to know and love.

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No, it’s easier than banning gold buyers.

Introduce WoW Tokens into Classic. They exist in the Asian region, they exist on Retail. Don’t give me that “but…but…but…#nochanges” bunk, plenty of changes already including the DME node change to combat teleport hacking in DME.

It won’t remove all bots/hacks but it will put a solid dimple in the activity.


That’s what Blizzard does. They’ll take the easiest yet dumbest solution to a problem that really isn’t a solution at all. Like limiting dungeon runs. See how well that fixed the “problem?”

Me either.

GM’s have the tools to see every part of the game in real time. That includes dungeons and raids and black lotus spawns. But they won’t put eyes in the game because OMG PAYING PEOPLE CUTS INTO PROFITS!!

Back in TBC I was exploiting the snake trap bug. A GM popped up in my pm and started scolding me. I argued with him and he said, “We’ve been watching you,” and BAM! Banned for 3 hours.

They can see everything.

The community needs to stop being stupid by saying Blizzard is doing their best, or worse yet, we need tokens.


Means cheaper lotus for me. You cry babies who can’t play 24/7 now and hoard lotus for your TBC fund can leave.

Teleport hacker detected.

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Sweaty try hard who wants to hoard lotus and sell em for 300 a piece detected

Is something wrong with you? Other than playing retail?

You do realize the game wasn’t designed to be played while you’re sleeping, right? You do realize that Blizzard’s own EULA specifically prohibits bots and exploits, right? It’s meant to be played by people who are actually at their keyboard controlling their characters.

You don’t know this?

You do realize that bots and hacks make it harder for people who actually want to play the game to do so, and in some cases impossible, right?

You do realize that customers have a right to be upset when a company is failing to ensure their product is performing the way it was designed, right?

If you don’t, you have some problems that you should get help with.

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Here are some things that I DO realize, since that is the word dejuor for you apparently.

  1. You do realize bots make lotus cheaper. Undeniable fact. These servers have 2 to 6 times the amount of people that the original lotus spawns were intended for. The “normal players” as you put it were monopolizing lotus spawns and driving the prices so high that “normal players” couldn’t afford them by normal game means. Yeah yeah, they increased the spawn 10 months in, about 8 months too late.

  2. You do realize I don’t care that a bunch of you sweaty nerds who wanted to charge 300 to 500 for a lotus, can’t anymore. I really don’t.

  3. Bots are people too, you do realize that, right???!!!

  4. I’ve already bought enough cheap bot farmed lotus to flask for the rest of the game so I honestly don’t give a crap if they find a way to 100% banhammer bots or not. I just find it hilarious that jerks who were trying to lock down the lotus market are whining so much.

  5. LOL at “problems you should get help with”. Its a game, nerd. Go outside, jesus.

I hope your next post is as illuminating and helpful as the one before it, truly.

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‘bot’ is short for robot


/woosh what was that?? it was something that went over my head…

Unless we are watching Not Quite Human or Still Not Quite Human.

Many videos pf cheats, jacks and exploits were actually filmed pff pservers