<Lothar>Long time player returning for Dragonflight looking for guild to do mythics and raids with

Been playing since Vanilla. I just really enjoy the game and am looking for a good community to experience it with. I like doing all PVE content and am looking to do mythics and raiding. If there are new people in the guild I’m more than happy to help gear and level them up so they can join in for endgame content.

Whoops didn’t even post this on the right character

Hello Aeidan!
Although you are Horde I thought I would take the chance and drop by and tell you a bit about our little family! We are a progressively-minded AOTC Alliance guild on Stormrage, that’s currently looking for more players to add to our roster for DragonFlight. We raid on Fri-Sat nights from 9:30-12:30 EST. I’m including the link to our guild information for you to check out if you find an interest to do, as we do have other things going on throughout the week and plan to be adding to that soon! If you are interested in learning more about us or have any questions please be sure to contact me! The best way to reach me is on Discord at Byndi#5161. I hope to hear back from you soon and that you have a great night!

You sound like you might be a good fit for us! I am a guild counselor with [H] Thunderlord. We are a friendly, welcoming bunch that’s 35+, but most members are older than that. We are looking for all specs and classes, and alts can find a home with us as well. We focus on having fun with the game that we all enjoy, in a non-toxic and supportive environment. We are looking forward to Dragonflight, enjoying some casual chat on discord, and building toward mythic+ and raiding. We are going to enjoy leveling together, gearing up, and blowing away some endgame content. We have members that have been playing for years and years, and members who are new to the game! We encourage you to play the way that you want to play, and we are here to support you. I would love to chat with you about it- you can reply here or you can find me on Discord at meeeow#5711. Or find us in guild finder - just make sure you note your age and a little something that lets us know you’ve seen this and know what a we are about.

Hello Aeidan,
Day Raiders is a new guild on Illidan. We will be doing morning raids starting in DF. If you have any interest would love to discuss what we are doing.
BN: Jolenar#11150
discord: Ryaden#5511