Lost Vision in Horrific Visions

I know the visions are supposed to be horrific, but it would be nice if I could see my character. Waste of a week. When I loaded I saw the bundle of eye balls and then… nothing. Went insane before the eye balls loading screen even disappeared.


2 months later

Had the same thing happen to me this morning…posted about it and they deleted it and flagged me for trolling.



This has happened to me twice this week as well, reloading interface and disabling add-ons did not help. I had to restart the entire game. Lost my full bar and save the first time and almost a full bar the second time. Feelz bad to grind dailies for days to try to run for alt cloak and have this happen.


Same thing happened to me just then, wow this bug has been around 2 months?


Damn that would have really pissed me off if it was in a group that happened in…

This bug is just as bad as getting feared off the map during a full clear and dying and can’t release. Then the GMs refusing to refund your vessel.

Getting hit with a knockback effect in Vision got me stuck behind things. I couldn’t move at all, just cast spells. I’ve tried changing forms, jumping like crazy, moving every direction, etc all I could do was to jump straight up.

I tried stuck character feature and ended up losing vision. Got only 1 page when I could have gotten 4 pages solo.

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This is what I’m dealing with, its horrible, i have to walk around using the mini map, and get called a scrub cause I can’t see anything!

I mean the game was almost playable
I had no sight of anything surrounding me, but i would see nameplates!
So i managed around and nailed 2/4 still with the eyes

This happened to me today.

I had to force quit WoW and log back in to get them to go away.

I had to burn an orb right as I logged in to stay in the vision though…

I’ve just had that happen, went into Stormwind HV and the load screen (purple dot screen) didn’t go away. All I saw was my sanity drain. I’ve opened a ticket.

Just had this happen to a guildie today and I was also in the process of doing another 5 mask clear…which I had already done 4 times this week and after killing rexxar the game just stopped responding…I could still talk to my guildmates just fine there was no issue with latency at all…my sanity wasn’t even decreasing it was as if the game just paused but somehow I was still able to run around and talk to people in my guild chat as if it were functioning perfectly fine…eventually I just Alt+F4-ed out because exit game and /reload wasn’t working and loaded back and apparently the game thought I died during the vision or it just automatically sends you to the chambers when you DC to collect your chests.

Good Job once again Blizz on the fantastic work! :clap:

Not trying to spam the forums but this just happened in Stormwind too…once again kudos to the impeccable work done to bug test these.

Great news, they have heard us.
The swirlly is still bugging out but the entire screen pulse’s a visiableish area to continue, and I think it drops if everyone stacks on them.

Also had this issue pop up today. Could only see the eyeballs and nothing else. Could move around/target and attack things but nothing else seemed to work. Reloading did not fix it but force quitting and relogging did. Though most of my sanity was gone by the time I logged in. Also it did not show the appropriate amount of max sanity anymore.