LoS in arenas question (recently returning to high end PVP)

The biggest change I am noticing in games is that sometimes chaos bolts go through walls. I am LoS or my teammate is LoS but the lock can complete the cast.

I also notice that if I LoS a gpie cast mid way, it doesn’t always give the mage “target not in line of sight error” and they can link that gpie with shimmer. In my opinion, if I’m LOS for a half a second, they shouldn’t be able to have that long a window to finally shimmer.

Shimmer should be used pre-emptively as a skill as the person is moving LoS, not reactively. I’ve seen rogues drop smoke and the mages or locks can complete a cast after smoke goes off! Seen it even on live stream of 3k players.

When did this LoS change in arenas happen? It makes little sense to me. Is it to accomodate players lag? And how long is that LoS window now? Feels roughly longer than a half a second.

When I use to push in arenas LoS felt like 100%, as soon as the player went LoS we couldn’t complete a cast.

I don’t get this and I feel like 90% of the lock or mage imbalance is actually due to LoS not being true LoS anymore.

Someone please explain why blizzard went this direction. I feel like it causes players to quit arena pushing very early in the brackets.

That’s because los is only needed 2 times, first to establish target and second for completion the middle doesn’t matter.

That’s because bolts can be casted so fast and they have a bit of air time. So unless you are right next to the pillar or some form of instant speed, then you are going to get hit with at least one.

Could ya clip and link some of these instances?

He isn’t accounting for hang time with bolts and moving behind los never broke the middle of a cast

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As long as the caster is in LoS of you WHEN they finish the cast, the spell will go off. Shimmer puts the mage into LoS by the time the cast finishes, that’s why the spell went off. Chaos bolt cast ended before you were in LoS, that’s why it still hit you

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sometimes the room for latency is really forgiving esp when such disgusting amounts of haste exist

i’ll get behind the pillar sometimes and see TWO bolts sailing through the air through the pillar

I didn’t even think of this.

exactly what I’m seeing. I am watching people or myself go LoS before cast is completed, and its not stopping that cast sometimes. It might be server latency, because this seems worse lately with the current load of players. My MS is relatively low, but perhaps the server is not recognizing the LoS before the cast is completed. Thus why 2 bolts go right through a pillar.

because it never has. It matters being behind los before the cast completes, nothing else.

not sure you read that correctly. I am saying that we are LOS well before the cast is completed, and the cast is still finishing.

The game never use to be “lock onto the player with your spell and if they go LoS you can still finish the cast”. Thats not how it use to be.

There were specific spells that actually performed this way, such as channel spells. Where you could lock onto the player and complete them even if they went los

Finishing or completing?

Lets say the lock is at half of his cast bar, the player is LOS and he can finish the 2nd half of the cast.

I don’t think you realize that it probably already finished it’s cast and then hang time takes a second or 2 to catch up depending on how far they are from you.

no, thats not what I’m saying. You are confusing travel time vs. cast time of a spell.

If a warlock completes the cast before the player is LOS, the bolt will still hit him (this is how the game is suppose to function).

What I am speaking about is a cast not finished, and the lock still completing it while the player is completely LOS.

I am looking for a specific answer of what this buffering window is. Its a server buffering window. And if its to small with the amount of haste a lock equips then thats a problem.

I’m also wondering why blizzard added it, when it didn’t previously exist (long ago).

Or its just a latency issue… and the game isn’t recognizing that the player was LoS when they were.

As someone mentioned above the game has latency compensation (which many modern games do). What matters is whether or not you were behind the pillar on their screen (which depends on their latency).

This the same reason that you can still be kicked for a small window after you cancel on your screen. However, latency compensation is usually fairly minor. It would be nice to see a clip so we can see if you’re actually getting all the way behind the pillar.


ah, so its latency compensation. When was this added and how much is that window?

Seems to be roughly about a half second, from what I see visually. Today a player went LoS from the lock and then took 2 chaos bolts. Not 1 but 2 bolts while LoS.

at least end of bc.

Then you are seriously lagging or not paying attention to they probably completed a CB cast before and was on a second one before the first landed, haste levels right now are stupid.

depends on their connection to the sever

typically it’s 0.2/0.3 you can identify yours by casting your mount and jumping before the cast completes
the closest you can get to the end while still mounting when you jump is the window

don’t think it’ll ever be as dramatic as half a second
i rarely ever noticed anything like this happening pre corruption though
haste levels seem to really irritate the issues, when bolt is a 1.9 second cast and fear is a 1.1 second cast this doesn’t happen

lots of mod castbars have a projected latency red shade tip thing that’ll show you as well

I see what you’re saying. So perhaps, these players who are lagging don’t see that their opponents are LoS, so they get to do more damage because on their screen the player isn’t LoS.

Yeah it could be that full haste builds in PVP are actually going beyond what this latency window ever intended.