Lorthemar Theron's Voice Actor

(Ignitheus) #1
  1. Clicking the character and the spoken text do not match voices.
  2. What happened to Gideon Emery? (Unless the voice is pitched incorrectly.)


I sure hope that’s what the issue is, otherwise that’s gonna be a hard yikes for me, dawg.

(Kheldrenn) #3

I miss Lor’themar’s old voice


Maybe he lost his pair when the ship went down.

(Fehnris) #5

Yea the new VA is pretty bad and way too high pitched.

(Lacryma) #6

The voice doesn’t sound at all like Lor’themar. :I

(Kheldrenn) #7

What happened to Lor’themr’s voice actor?

(Lacryma) #8

I don’t know but he sounds like a slightly deeper version of Starscream or Cobra Commander now.

(Kheldrenn) #9

His old voice defined the Blood Elves

(Averax) #10

It’s still Gideon Emery, definitely, but i think they botched the editing because it sounds like Gideon Emery on helium.

Or like they sped up his voice for whatever reason, because he does sound like he’s talking a bit too fast.


lol probably didn’t pay the original va enough, again

(Kaivax) #12

Thanks to everyone who reported this bug. Because of your helpful reports, we were able to figure out what went wrong and fix it in time for Rise of Azshara.

The updated voice lines are now in the Rise of Azshara PTR and you’ll hear them when you go to Nazjatar next week.

Thanks again!


I’m guessing this didn’t go live. As of Today Lorthemar’s voice is still weird.


Agreed - on live, the voice is still wrong. His canned responses when clicking sound normal but his quest text is awful.