Lor'themar Grows a Spine. (Spoilers.)


Lor’themar Briefs Player on Quest to Free Baine

Lor’themar: Were it not for the Horde, the remaining sin’dorei might have died out against the Scourge.

Lor’themar: Garrosh nearly severed the bond between us, but in the end it held strong.

Lor’themar: Now that bond is threatened by another warchief… one whom I once knew well.

Lor’themar: My people will not abandon the Horde, nor will we stand idle as it is destroyed from within.

Lor’themar: Rendezvous with our allies and rescue Baine. We will deal with the consequences as they come.

If the Player Tells Nathanos

Nathanos: So Lor’themar shows his true colors at last.

Nathanos: A pity he has sided with Baine, but I am not entirely surprised. This is not his first betrayal.

Nathanos: Play along for now. I’ll send word ahead. These traitors are in for a surprise once they reach Bloodhoof.

(Imatroll) #2

He’s a blood elf. Give him ten minutes and he’ll probably change his mind again.

(Rorrand) #3

That is… sadly disappointing.

So, there’s virtually no in-lore support for the Sylvanas faction. Makes it pretty damn clear which side of the Horde is going to win in the end.

(Tyierin) #4



Well it would appear Atheas Sunreaver is in support of Sylvanas.

So it looks like The Sunreavers are loyal to her. As he tries to kill you, as Horde and Alliance.


I don’t think people quite understand Lor’themar enough to see why he has been the way he has. The Blood Elf Heritage quest line explains more his actions, but still people see him as a spineless character. He isn’t.

(Bipzi) #7

Pretty much this. I’m not a general fan of so many elves in the Horde, but Lor’themar is solid in my books.