(Lore/Story Stream) Tyrande's Demand and Elune's Assistance

(Jerrod) #35

Any prior expansion? Probably not, but only because things weren’t as bad as they are now. Even with the Horde pushing through Ashvenvale in cata they never got as far as sieging Teldrassil let alone destroying it. The last time the Nelves suffered a lost as tremendous as this one the world was shattered, and with how hard they’ve fought to protect Azeroth since then having a moment of wavering devotion when your goddess at best soothes the dying as they burn seems reasonable.

Elune not rebuking Tyrande also seems pretty reasonable, because at the end of the day what does she have outside the night elves? If she rebuked Tyrande and let the nelves perish or forsake her then, to again bring up the Azshara cinematic, she’d be the goddess of nothing.

(Treng) #36

Sargeras’s sword was/is killing the planet.

(Galenar) #37

Do we need to remove it? I mean, most people assume the planet isn’t the literal body of the titan inside so if the wound is properly stabilized you could probably just leave it there.

(Treng) #38

Sargeras fell through Azeroth and saw her eye, and in so doing fell in love. That’s why he made the warlock artifact.

(Galenar) #39

Does that necessarily mean the planet is her body? I mean, I go with that theory but a lot of people dismiss it because explaining what happens to us afterwards if the planet is an organic transformer is weird. Do we act as a standing army while she takes the fight to the enemy?

(Treng) #40

I don’t know. My inclination is that she’s a stone lady being created inside of the planet. We know that mining Azerite, on the surface of the planet, is killing her though. The idea that her life force isn’t linked to Azeroth’s is thoroughly debunked.

(Jerrod) #41

The sword will kill them eventually, the Horde is killing them now. The Kaldorei don’t really have an opportunity to doubt that Elune would show them a path to save Azeroth if she doesn’t save them from the Horde first.

(Treng) #42

The sword is killing her now and was triple killing her before we sacrificed our artifacts to depower it.

(Jerrod) #43

One disaster is more pressing than the other, healing Azeroth won’t do the Nightelves any good if the Horde wipes them out anyway.


Malfurion is washed up.
Not happening.
Maybe he will finally realize that druidism is just arcane magic with a tree in the middle and just become a warlock.
Druidic hypocrisy will be their undoing.

(Treng) #45


Wiping out the Horde won’t do the Night Elves any good if Azeroth is dead.

Also, order of events?

1: Sargeras stabs sword.
2: Heroes lose most powerful weapons on the planet to weaken but not remove sword.
3: Horde begins mining Azerite.

Sargeras’s sword was a problem long before the mining was. It is still a problem.

(Jerrod) #46

I’m kinda confused about what you’re even talking about. I thought this was a discussion about Tyrande, and the night elves faith in Elune.

(Treng) #47

I’m saying that Elune’s predilection to wasting her abilities on a dragon that is in no way important to the setting after the events of Cataclysm, and not the Sword that is killing the planet – which we had to sacrifice the most powerful weapons on azeroth to depower – should’ve been a massive crisis of faith.

Tyrande should’ve demanded Elune’s aid long before Teldrassil.

(Jerrod) #48

You’re deliberately underselling the importance of Ysera, a mother figure to Elune’s child Cenarius, and also failing to mention that creating stars to honor the fallen is part of Elune’s lore. She didn’t do anything that the Nightelves didn’t expect of her.

(Galenar) #49

Again, it’s not necessary for her to intervene yet. Why would she when there’s a planetwide movement dedicated to saving Azeroth? Divine intervention should be a last resort not a first response.

(Treng) #50

It’s less necessary to intervene to save the planet that the night elves live on, than it is to avenge one world tree?

(Jerrod) #51

And the thousands of her worshippers who died in it.

(Galenar) #52

When the alternative is the loss of what’s left of your followers because you genuinely neglected them it is. If Tyrande hadn’t made a demand do you really think Elune would have done anything?

(Treng) #53

As opposed to the all of her worshipers that live on Azeroth?

How are you arguing that Teldrassil is more important to the night elves than the planet?

I can’t even.

(Jerrod) #54

The planet isn’t dead yet, Teldrassil is, and if the Horde conquers Kalimdor then the elves are basically extinct. They can worry about dying later once they’re secure and know they aren’t going to die today.


Besides, the Nightelves can’t save Azeroth if the Horde kills them all first.