Loot needs to be added to torghast

Right now it just feels like a raid without loot/transmog.

6 floors, 6 bosses throw in some good looking mog items and the amount of people who hate it will decrease.


I dont know about loot, but cosmetic items would be nice.

Some bosses dropping pets and maybe a rare chance at a mount from certain rare enemies would be nice.

At this point anything would be better than what we have now, which is nothing so the bar is not that high.


the regular floors DO have loot, legendary loot in fact, it just takes a few weeks to get and you need to turn in a currency for it (like the old gear tokens)

and endless has transmog exactly as you requested.

so everything you want is already there.

Agreed. Yes cosmetic rewards but no actual loot.

The 4 rewards added right now are not significant enough to account for the time requirement.


Wowhead is not showing any transmog rewards from torghast currently. Only a mount, pet, toy, and title

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We were jebaited on beta. Every boss dropped a place holder boss loot piece of loot in torghast then live game came out and here is your soul ash that you also got on beta but nothing else to go with it

If they could offer a piece of loot once a week in a vision I see no reason they couldn’t do the same for Torghast.


Its gotta be more rewarding than it is. Its solid content thats gonna be left to die and turn into nothing but a Leggo Chore you do as fast as possible to get over with.

When it could be good content. Tons of people talking about how much they just love running it, and I really wanna check back in with those people in a month when the new shine has wore off and they are doing Islands 2.0.


Blizzard is just afraid to reward solo play. As if they keep forgetting the most reliable customer an mmo has is someone who can get things done on his own every time he logs in. If anything soloers will be the longest subbing customers all mmos have if treated right.