Looks Like the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur might Be Unobtainable In 9.0.1

Just because you don’t know how to do it doesn’t mean it’s not possible. I pulled over 250k out of my mailbox while reading the whining in this thread and I’m pretty sure I’m in the running for laziest goblin in existence. People who are serious about their AH empires make way, way more than me.

Which goes back to my point of being on a decently populated realm. There are lots of players on realms that are pretty dead that can’t make that kind of cash on their realm. So hence, going back to other options.

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This really sucks

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I didn’t even see data mining that indicates that. The AH mount functions with the new ah on the PTR now.

There is nothing to prevent people from making characters on different servers. That is what most people who have 100s of millions of gold do, they don’t rely on one server.

Yeah, I really don’t know where people are coming up with that, but people keep saying it in this thread. So I was just positing where something like that might be coming from. It really doesn’t make sense that they’d do it, they know how much actually removing stuff from people after they’ve gotten it pisses them off. I mean, that’s why they didn’t remove sockets from benthic gear.

I am struggling not to post words that the filter does not want us to post but…
This is a pretty foul move. One of the most expensive mounts on the game, one that matches up with the Traveling Tundra and the Yak stuff line for the expan… And now it’s being “taken away”?
This really seems like Blizzard is trying to get people to panic (it’s working) and buy a ton of tokens in order to get it in time.
That’s really foul and disgusting to me. I don’t know how else to feel about it.
I’ve been playing WoW since Vanilla, which I know no one gives a rat’s behind about, but it’s been a big part of my life. I even met my Fiance on here. WoW has been a really big deal in our lives. But recently, we keep seeing these things being done that keep looking more and more cash grabby. It’s been hard to stay supportive of what is going on. This is just adding to the long list of things.
I almost feel betrayed, honestly. I know it’s silly to feel that way over VIDEYA GAME, but it’s just becoming more and more obvious that the company is turning more into “How can we milk as much as we can over people?”. This time, someone at their monthly meeting suggested causing mass panic over one of the most expensive and useful mounts in the game becoming retired in order to drive up token sales. Again, it’s silly to feel betrayed by a video game, but that’s how I’m feeling right now. It’s one strange choice after another, and my eyes are being opened to what is really going on… And I don’t like it.

Don’t get me wrong though, I am a big fan of retired stuff. I have the old Grimtotem Spirit Guide, Oil stained wolves, and even some Grub pets that were not meant to be tameable. The vampire battling and the Arcanite Ripper from the event. The list goes on! Should these things come back? No. The items were for an event that we all were told was a limited time thing. We knew from the start it wasn’t going to stick around, and neither were the items. The pets? They were all glitches and were never intended to stick around. Some have come back in spirit beast form though (Which I was actually very bitter about, a different shade of color for the spirit wolf would have been the least they could have done). But pulling out one of the most expensive, most useful, and most sought after mounts for people who don’t have it yet just for the sake of driving up sales? That’s really shady. It was done out of nowhere, conveniently when things started to look bad in the income department for WoW, whether it be from issues in game or issues caused by out of game actions.

I know that no one in Blizzard, not even the blues, will read my message. Half of you guys wont read it either. But please rethink what is being done. Again, I’m struggling not to make the filters upset here… This is a really foul and shady thing to be doing. If it was known from the start it was going to be retired, fine. But don’t retire something just for the sake of getting people flustered and panicked so they buy a ton of tokens to get it in time. That’s just gross.


It’s possible but you have to be really cautious of golders and the things they say. I made 1 million gold yesterday could mean:

“I got lucky on a lot of high ticket boe’s and I don’t actually have 1 million more gold because I’m talking in a item value point of view and being disingenuous to the uninformed”

or it could mean “I farmed 1 million gold worth of mats, oh I have 5 accounts and multibox to take advantage of nodes so there’s that, I also didn’t make this gold just now but over the course of time it took me to farm and sell it”

OR “I got lucky that someone posted an item for 9,999g instead of 999,999 gold and I’m a poop brain so I’m not giving it back to him even though I know it was a mistake”

It’s more than possible to make tons of gold but the how is sometimes deceptive.

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I just report those types of things as trolling. Blizzard can determine if that person has a legitimate point or is just making things up to stir things up.

If someone is so interested in the brutosaur that they want to be guaranteed to get it and not wait for it to pop up on the BMAH, they will do what needs to be done. Starting an alt on a populated realm if that’s how they decide to make gold is certainly one option. There are others as well.

However, the entire point was that someone was calling out another posting on the thread as being a liar or a scammer because of how much gold they said they made over the past two weeks. My point was that it was entirely possible that they were both truthful and not doing shady things and mentioned my own gold intake from just today as proof. I then proved that I did indeed bring in what I said when called upon to do so.

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Now do it on servers where dead communities live, since most people cannot make that kind of cash without doing something drastic.

They can’t make money like you and I can.

But seriously, respect that you didn’t just squirm away from proving that you can make money on a big pop server.

You have to learn how to be subtly disrespectful to fit in with high society :slight_smile:

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This right here is why I’m so miffed, yes. This sudden change in direction when there had been nothing of the sort before is nonsense. Even spider is being kept in, too.


If Tovi is speaking out about something the Devs did… you know they went to far

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I wasn’t saying anything bad towards you or anything. I was saying in general that type of income isn’t going to happen unless you are on select realms. Most people aren’t going to reroll on to those realms just to make money on the AH to buy these types of mounts. Which goes back to the alternatives that aren’t shady or just flat out grinding gold from WQ/Emissary/Dungeons.

If they remove the AH from the mount. I Want my gold back!


I did the math and apparently I need to make at least 11.5k gold a day to both maintain my sub and make enough gold to afford this mount before Shadowlands prepatch releases. Urk… Being on a dead server really doesn’t help for making gold…

And just to put this in perspective for everyone, if you start at zero gold, you need to make at least 13,699 gold per day, every day, for the next year to purchase the mount before the prepatch. If you also need to maintain your sub on top of that, you need to add another 6,174 gold per day (185,203 [the token price in gold] / 30 [days per token]) to maintain your sub, resulting in a total amount of 19,873 gold per day.

Welp, there goes my plan of waiting years until 5M is easy to make, and then buy this mount.

This is dumber than the time they thought removing every portal from every major city was a good idea.

This is so freaking stupid lol.


lol, so all the other rewards stay put, o okay :thinking:


Yeah the spider is still valid. They’re obviously trying something new, and they’ve already pissed off plenty of people by doing it with one mount… there’s really no reason to do the spider and other mounts as well, at least right away. Maybe it will go away in the future, who knows.


Better get everything you might ever want before they remove it.

Play when they say, how they say, and don’t you dare take a break or be a player that starts next expac.